Friday 11th June 2004

Lady Luck does cast somewhat of a great shadow over my life. When I need luck the most, it runs out on me and finds another friend (or is that foe?). I can recall moments, in my life, when everything is in place. All I need is just an ounce of good luck. The dream has never been forefilled, that goal never reached, the final song never sung. Until now. For once, I have some good news. Describing this has good news does not do what I have to announce, any justice at all. There is good news, and there is the news I am about to tell the world. I never thought everything would fall into place so quickly, or in such a straightforward manner. If you had taken a seat next to me in my car, during my daily 120 mile round trip during my placement year, you would had quite a uphill task to convince me of the following. That within the space of some eighteen months, I would be working in the City for one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. I suppose, at that time in my life, I was only seeing the finish lines for the occasional mile, and not the whole marathon. Call that my narrow-mindedness or naivety, if you will. But today, I hear those wonderful words. “You have been offered the position..”. It is difficult to describe how I feel at this moment. Glad to have found a job, and that for the time being at least the hunting stops and the real hard work begins. Nervous, uncontrollably, but also slightly scared. This is a big jump for me and bridging the gap will be a challenging task. I also feel, a sense of excitement. I feel like I am on the brink of something big, something new. A new beginning, if you will. A fresh start. Where a place to start. The greatest capital, in my eyes, not just Europe but the world. Now that I will be traveling to London everyday, via the train and tube, I am going to make some decisions. I was considering purchasing a MP3 player, and having some music to listen to on the journey. Although, at first this seemed like an excellent idea, I decided against it. There is something much more eniching and valuable I could do with the couple of hours I will have in commuting time each day. Read. I do enjoy reading, but have in recent years, fallen out of favour with the ‘book’. I want to start reading again, firstly concentrating on the more classic texts, to modern day masterpieces. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave your comments. The other decision I have made, is to try and best observe people on the train and particularly on the London Underground. There is already a blog for the Tube but I am going to make my entries on here slightly more reflective. This will be based on the people I meet, the people I see and the general day-to-day goings on. I will try and make it a regular record, perhaps weekly. The aim being to build up a picture of my average week. Those other commuters whom I meet every day, or once a week also heading from leafy Buckinghamshire into the City. The greatest gift, this blog has ever given? Well it is simply the gift of encouragement, to make someone else want to blog. You would think that would be enough alone, but there is more. For one friend who has recently started a blog, he has used my experience and positive views as the starting point of the very first entry. I am moved, very moved that he can put into words, the idle chit-chat of a conversation several months ago. The author has requested that for the time being, his ‘thought blog’ be a private affair, but I am sure the moment, he decides to make it public, I will be on hand to offer some minor words of great congratulation. We therefore, anxiously await his ‘arrival’. Was today a perfect day? Not sure, but it came very very close. The pop come rock song that is heard during the titles of Legally Blonde easily describes how one should feel on their ‘Perfect Day’. But I feel, for me, that day is not too far around the corner. Sun’s Down, A Little After 10 I Pick Up All My Friends In My Mercedes Benz Wake Up!(Wake Up) Don’t Tell Me It’s Just A Dream (Just A Dream) Cuz When I’ve Had Enough You’ll Hear Me Say Now Don’t You Try To Rain On My Perfect Day Nothing’s Standing In My Way On This Perfect Day Where Nothing Can Go Wrong It’s The Perfect Day

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