Saturday 12th June 2004

I was driving home from a friend’s house late last night, traveling on my favourite road. I am not sure exactly why this stretch of insignificant tarmac has become so important to me. I suppose, because it is the final leg of my journey as I return home and enter the home counties, my home county, Buckinghamshire. It is not exactly the most impressive piece of the UK motorway network, but it just has a special place in my passion for driving. At that time of night, traffic is so light, you can cruise at a moderate speed and make great time on your journey. I join onto the motorway at junction 6 (southbound), just has it cuts through a hillside, and on a clear sunny day, you can see the chalk cliff faces as you drive through, leaving Oxfordshire far behind you. Then has you travel some five miles, taking a quarter of the full mileage total, you go past junction 5, which is the A40 / Stokenchurch exit. Here, there is some lighting and the three lanes level off after the difficult uphill climb. This is the point, when you put you foot on the throttle, head onto the fast lane and coast towards Wycombe. There is not much to see on this drive, particularly at night. But then, as I see the signs for junction 4 appear, the lighting re-appears and on the left hand side, there is the white building, telling me, “Andrew, your nearly home”, in a comforting tone, that soothes my mind and warms my heart. The song I was listening to on my drive home was took my breath away, and gave me the chance to reflect on yesterday, today and even tomorrow. I realise now when this journey began. The journey began, in the early hours of Sunday 22nd December 2002. I was leaving Hitchin, Hertfordshire, after the work Christmas party. As I drove across the M25, on that cold winter’s night, I was listening to “Something Inside So Strong” by Labi Siffre. The song has been used by Peugeot, a few months previously for the launch of their new 307 model. Only last night, did I realise the significance of that event, some eighteen months later. I felt then, that some worldly power was telling me that everything is going fine and that all the challenges that lie ahead will be worth the effort. Today I realise that it is true. You do indeed, reap what you sow. With hard work and dedication you can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible, apart from the restrictions you place upon yourself. As everything has happened so quickly and all the pieces of the jigsaw fallen into place, with perfect timing, I found myself seeing my life taking a dramatic change. A change for the better, for sure. A change that is going to do me good, in the long term, for sure. But, I would be lying if I did not attempt the great sense of apprehension I feel. Anxious that tomorrow, will bring more challenges for me to face and more decisions to make. I suppose I am afraid of making the wrong decision. But I should not fear such things. They will not help my course now. I should take the approach, that I will always make the wise decision, considering the circumstances. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Every minute is changing the colours of life, Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is hot, Live every minute to the full, Whatever the atmosphere, Who knows is tomorrow will be or not

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