Wednesday 9th June 2004

I was again in central London this afternoon. On the interview trail once more. This occasion being more optimistic than in the past. As I headed back towards the tube station, I stopped to take a phone call on my mobile. I was idly watching the passers by, as I spoke on the phone. Then I saw a familiar ace. A face so familiar that it could be part of the family. For we let him in our homes every evening at ten, sharp. For a second, I was star-struck with my mind working overtime, “is that really him?”. Then as he came closer and we made eye contact, I knew for sure. I had just traded visual blows with the ‘Maverick’. An experience that would not be repeated for some time. Who am I talking about? The answer can be found on my blog entry from Thursday 23rd January 2003. This is not the first time I have met one of the men from Aunty. On Thursday, September 11th, last year I was in Central London. On that occasion, I exchanged glances with the man whom questioned the count of the night. Does that make sense? It will. It will soon.

What do we do when we meet someone new? Someone new, that in physical appearance and demeanor reminds you of an old friend. But what if to complicates matter further, that old flame, is no longer with us? Do not take this as some worldly dilemma, it is just a comment in passing. If the truth be known, I have only had the most shortest of conversations with them, and even then it has been more image than substance. The trivial trade of smiles and introductions. Nothing concrete, nothing significant. Nothing to report. Yet. Give me time.

There are quite a few white rappers out there. The most famous that I can recall are of course Vanilla Ice, to the present day bad boy of hip-hop, Eminem. But there are others! Do you remember the song, ‘Informer’, with the catchy chorus, “a licky bomb bomb down…“. Well that was by the white rapper, Snow. The video is being shown by KISS on their music channel. It was while in a popular hang out for students, on Friday 28th May, that I noticed it playing the background, while talking to my friend Sippy. As we walked down the stairs out into the cool spring evening, I heard him sing along, “Informer…”. A song I had to then download, purely for the novelty factor, but also that you always forgot how special it was back in the early 1990s. I should know, it was then sampled by every known bhangra artist of the time and re-worked into many hit songs, that following summer.

I have only burnt one CD album for the car, in the two weeks since I returned to Wycombe. This is quite poor for me. Particularly, as you will recall that I created an album a week, during my time on placement, and there were always at least two new CDs in my car CD changer every week. I suppose the main reason for this is that I have been extremely busy. The second, is that I have not had enough new material available to justify an album. An album that I need to get off the ground as soon as possible is the rock collection of mainly high octane air guitar numbers.

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