Tuesday 8th June 2004

London, has always been a city of great excitement for me. Mainly because I have only visited it as a tourist, with family or for entertainment purposes. In recent weeks, it has become the venue of work. My perception of the city will change in the coming weeks, as I spend more and more time commuting to our capital for job interviews. The professional atmosphere, that surrounds many places, surrounds London like a thick fog. Even during my visits, I have noticed that there is an underlying urgency with all the people there. Be it on the tube, on the streets or shops. This rush, is actually a great buzz and one of the reasons I really want to work in the City. Do I really need to give any other reasons? One of my favourite, feel good movies, was on BBC1 last night. Shooting Fish, staring a much more wholesome, natural, dare I say more intellectual, Kate Beckinsale. These were the heady days before the Hollywood machine, got their hands of our starlet. I had seen the movie on Sky back in the days of analogue satellite, and had really enjoyed the classic British comedy and Indie soundtrack. It is one of those movies, that you can watch and as it is so light and easy to absorb, it easily entertains. Just let me dig out some of the songs from the soundtrack. I am not big into my astronomy, but I like to be aware of any of the big events that take place every few years. Well the transit of Venus across the Sun, is an event that no living human being has ever seen. For the low down on the event, with a full historical background and clock watch of the passage of these heavenly bodies, please check out the Diamond Geezer, who is always armed with the trivial and irrelevant facts. You know you have important mail, when…

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