Saturday 19th June 2004

Went out to Milton Keynes this morning, with a old work colleague from my placement year. We went there from his house, so I got to experience the Golf experience. As you may well be aware, I am not a big fan of the marquee, because I think it is highly overrated. But then again, you can’t beat German engineering, particularly if you tend to go for the top end of the range. The R32 or the V6 Motion. Having purchased the later, but decided upon the mark IV model, I knew the right choice had been made. A plush leather interior and the humming sound of an engine, that could turn at the slight pressure on the pedal, to the roar of a lion. Then, you are pushed back into your seat as the 2.8l V6 producing 200 bhp comes into life. A truly breathtaking car, with earth shattering performance. Would I buy one? To be honest, no. Why? A car should reflect more than just your personality. If it needs to make a statement of who you are, it also needs tell people, where you’ve been. Sorry, but for me, it never will be GTI Forever. No matter what the hype. Following my visit to London, yesterday, some further after thoughts. When heading towards the Northern Line platform at London Bridge, I was approached. Well, stopped really, but an old black gentleman, quite smartly dressed. He shook my hand, with the words, “Aslam a lakem”. Now, do I really look like a Muslim? I think not, but obviously to this guy I was. Anyway, I thought he wanted some directions and was about to get my tube map out, when he suddenly asked for some money. This took me slightly by surprise. Particularly when he was well dressed and in the mould of Patrick Truman. Well I made my excuses and disappeared onto my platform. All I can say is that I think it is easy to tell if a girl is Muslim, than if a guy is Muslim. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts, if you may. The third series of Bo Selecta! started last night. Overall, the program was fantastic but I was disappointed that my favourite character got such a small slice of the action. Michael Jackson has a great following. It has only been recently that I have been able to comprehend why this is so. He is portrayed on the show, with a comic touch of Eddie Murphy and the vocal talent of Don King. To note this in true reflection, you need to watch Don King: Only in America. This TV movie from 1997, has Ving Rhames in the title role and he captures the essence of the boxing promoter in excellent form. To appreciate this fully, go back and watch some of the MJ sketches from series one and two. Everything falls into place and you realise that Michael Jackson, is truly a King. The format of the show has changed, also and I am not sure how well this works. Is Avid Merrion, essential a talk show host? He was much better as the obsessive celebrity stalker. Time will tell, but I just hope that this is not the beginning of the end of such a fantastic comical concept. Will try and blog tomorrow, but I feel I may not get the chance. Will be busy with Father’s Day and then preparing myself for my first big day at work. Excited. Anxious.

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