Sunday 20th June 2004

Smooth. That is how I would describe several people I know. But predominately I have noticed something. That the smoothest people I know, are black. There is just something special, unique or sophisticated, in the way they pull this off. A friend for example, would put on his shades, plugging his iPod and head of to Uni. Nothing particularly interesting in that. Well sure, but the way in which he strolls over to Uni, is just amazing. It is as if he does not have a care in the world and is very much away, the music taking him to some distant shore. There are very fewwhite men that can carry off such a move. There are of course, exceptions to this rule and David Beckham is one such person. My case in point is, the new television commercials, featuring him. If you have missed them so far, view them, you will not be disappointed. The moment you need to watch out for his Mr. B coming down some stairs in a nice black suit and smiling. (SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH) That is the only word that comes to mind to describe the moment. Question for the ladies. Is it okay to appreciate the finer parts of man’s appearance. David Beckham. I have noticed throughout my life, girls always describe other girls as ‘pretty’. Why is this so? Us guys are never so general with our comments. But then perhaps it is our directness that gets us into so much trouble! :S As if you needed reminding, it is Father’s Day today. And, how can I sum up the day? Well I can do so, with a few special words, bought to you by our sponsor. You know the feeling Every guy’s had it Your unbeatable Unstoppable You’ve got that walking on water feeling You look – they smile You win – they go home It’s the feeling you get every day With the closest shave Mach 3 Turbo Every move is smooth Every word is cool I never want to lose that feeling…

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