Friday 3rd September 2004

My weekend officially began as I boarded the Bakerloo tube train to Marylebone. As I boarded at Embankment, I heard the unusually stern voice of the driver over the tannoy. He gave a safety speech about staying behind the yellow line and continued, “a lot of unnecessary paperwork and it’s Friday evening, I do want to get home at a decent time tonight…”. Greeted by a collective chuckle by all those in my carriage. It was Friday, we had got here. Even though only a four day week, it felt like I had done the work of five. Looking back, I was still regarding Monday as a working day, even though it had been far from it. Work has been very busy and with summer very much over the pressure is on. But I think I am more than capable of meeting this challenge. I just have to keep focus and put in more effort than before. From now on, every step counts.

Over the course of the week, there were many subjects which I wanted to blog about. But as usually they are now far from my memory, with the weekend having arrived, there is nothing better to do than relax, chill out and recover from all that commuting. I will try and blog once again over the course of the weekend. Right now, I just want to sit down and take the weight of the world off my shoulders.

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