Sunday 5th September 2004

How was your weekend? Mine has been distinctly average, just like England’s performance against Austria. I read on Arse Blog how distinctly average our national side are, and would easily be beaten by Arsenal. While I do not disagree with the view, my personal feeling is that as standard as they are, they always produce moments of magic (Euro 96, World Cup 1998, 2002 and even Euro 2004) which make them worth watching. Following England is special, even if full of such heartbreak. Perhaps I am always watching these matches with rose tinted glasses. Who knows? Bring on Poland! 🙂

I did not mention it in my blog, but I watched Shanghai Noon on Christmas Eve last year. I quite enjoyed the movie, it did not take itself too serious and was just great fun. Last night on Sky Movies saw the premiere of the sequel Shanghai Knights. Once again the combination of Chan and Wilson pays off in an highly entertaining movie. Sure, historically it does not make sense and has many holes, but this is not a documentary and has the licence to be liberal with the historical fact. One scene was highly memorable and is described as the ‘pillow fight scene’ with the two leads finally bonded together as friends. The song that plays during this scene was significant. Mainly for the fact that I had been attempting to hunt down the 1980s cover for many years. The lyrics are sung at pace and it is difficult to note even the chorus. Originally a hit for George Flame &amp The Blue Flame in December 1964. The version more familiar to me, was constantly heard on commercial radio when I was a toddler. It has been played on VH1 several times but I have never caught the artist or name of the song. Until now. Simply called, ‘Yeh Yeh’. Covered by the band (not solo artist) Matt Bianco in October 1985 and if I recall correctly has a very funny cheesy pop video. It is one of those songs, that appears at first hearing impossible. Impossible for you to learn the lyrics. There are a few songs out there that fit into this category. After the thirteen run through, you soon pick them up.

Not much else to report at the moment. I do not think I will be update the blog until next weekend. Working late, so I am not home until 7pm most evening and only go on the PC to check my mail. I am thinking of starting a photo blog. Something that will record a collection of daily images that I take, or perhaps more likely images of the week. Any ideas on which service I should use? Preferably I would like to use something that is free, as the images will be slow and of medium quality. Let me know your thoughts.

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