Saturday 22nd October 2005

My Mum came into my room and told me I had a package, I got up and rushed to see what it was. I was not expecting anything. I had not purchased anything. I could not identify the handwriting, the post mark was RG2. Reading. While I pondered who had sent it, I ripped open the case to discover an old VHS tape. In 1999, I had lent my Moonwalker video to Pav. That was back when I was in college, and little did I know that I would not see the video again for six years. A house move meant that many things were transferred into the garage for temporary storage. However an old college friend had informed me that many of his belongings, lent to Pav had also disappeared into the black hole of his garage. Back in 2003, when I re-discovered Human Nature, I had a longing to watch the small segment on Moonwalker, but was resigned to the fact that I would never see the video again and would have to purchase the DVD.

Little did I know that this weekend would turn into apologises for delays and the return (and delivery) of goods long promised. Pav including with the tape, eleven movies on DVD. Some in DivX others, I assume in VCD quality. Most of the movies I have already seen over the course of the summer, but it great to be able fill in the time on a Sunday afternoon by putting on a movie. Talking of movies, we are currently in the middle of the Indiana Jones Trilogy, being shown on Sky Movies. While I have the DVD box set, I would still enjoy to watch the movie when screened by the satellite broadcaster. Thankfully, Saturday 5th November is deemed, Indiana Jones Day and all three movies will be screened back to back on Sky Movies 9 from 1pm. Great way to spend six hours. Plus that John Williams theme tune. Classic. My favourite is the final installment, for Marcus Brody steals the show! While keeping a third eye on links to this site, I have noted an man from Delhi describing me as a Gooner on his imaginatively entitled blog, Musings of a meandering mind. Not sure if he deserves a link back yet, but I will keep an eye on his postings, which seem to be quite regularly. Slowly but surely I am building my exposure in the blogsophere.

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