Friday 21st October 2005

It felt like any other Friday, in any other week from the past ten months or so. Yet, there was a strange feeling hanging in the air. It started around 11.30am, inadvertent I had left my mobile on. Something I religiously avoid, but it was ringing and I did not want to answer, particularly as I was not expecting the call. As it happened, a Scottish man, from a garage in Aberdeen had left me a message about my car, currently in for repair. How wrong did he get the number he was trying to dial. My colleagues laughed, when I explained what had happened and they thought I should call back and authorise all work to be carried out, no expense spared, but my conscience and strong English accent told me this was not going to happen. Not sure how anyone could get my mobile number confused with another, it is far too easy to remember. To begin with, I did not know what all the fuss was about and thought Chelski had just spent more stupid money on a player that would be spending most of the season on the bench. How wrong could I be? Essien has done everything (apart from score) and even though in my opinion does not justify his big transfer fee, has that special sparkle that makes him and Chelsea entertaining to watch. As a football fan it is great to see a young player bubbling with so much energy. The Guardian put it ever so well, the midfield maestro, pulling the strings and turning defence into attack. I look forward to his performance against Everton. I just hope the blue half of Mersey side can do better than the Liverpool collapse. My Mum is not a football fan. I think she actually personally holds a deep hatred for the sport. Whenever midweek games are on, I have to pry the Sky remote from her, to be able to watch the Champions League. My Mum, of course would rather be watching the engaging and supposedly over melodramatic soap operas on Star Plus. Yet, to her credit she is able to sit through a full ninety minutes and ask intriguing questions about the game (i.e. which country are Arsenal playing today!?) As TH14 become a record breaker writing his name into the history books, my Mum’s face was a picture as I tried to explain that he had just scored 186 goals for the Gooners. While there are those that will say we are a one man team, the fear of losing our main striker is unthinkable but not unimaginable. I remember when Petit and Overmars left for Barcelona and how I felt Arsene had made a mistake, yet in time he has proved that those were shrewd business moves. The statistics will tell a different story from the ball on a pitch on a Saturday afternoon. The moment this Frenchman picks up the ball, there is suddenly an air of expectation that the impossible is possible and you can feel (briefly) that sigh from the Highbury faithful. A few years ago, I mentioned the DMU commercial spot, shown on ITV with the tag line, “Get DM Used to It”. The marketing people have now released a completely puzzling commercial, featuring lego men (and women). I saw it last night during the ad break for Hollyoaks first look on E4. Someone should really sack the marketing man. Several months ago, I requested an XBox game from my friend, Sippy. Tonight, I finally received it in the post. Why it had taken so long only Mr. B can explain. Firstly there was the lack of media. Then, house sitting and other activities meant he was unable to go down to the post office. Suppose I better do the decent thing and play the game. Just a shame, that a family friend told me it was rubbish last month and would take a few days to complete. Then again, we are talking about Teg here. I doubt it will ever see the inside of my XBox. If it does, it might a short lived experience, I will get bored after a few minutes.

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