The Woman Next Door

It is not every day you get a letter from the sitting Prime Minister. I suppose it does help that her constituency is next door and I drive across the boundary each working day.

Mrs May

A couple of words of advice to her well-drilled campaign team. Firstly I expect the Conservatives to be better informed to include my title. Perhaps the reason this was dropped was to stop any embarrassing typos and gender misappropriations. Perhaps a more plausible reason is to bring down barriers and make correspondence more casual and less formal. Secondly, even though my local MP Adam Afriyie is relatively unknown, I expected the wealthy businessman to be making a more prominent appearance, with three weeks remaining. Perhaps he is focussing his efforts in Ascot, Eton, Datchet, Sunningdale and Warfield rather than Binfield. Cannot think of a single reason why!

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