If Music Be The Food Of Love

Never thought I would be quoting Shakespeare on my blog, but with the burden of requiring a fresh title for each post, comes the need to borrow from our greatest Word-smith. Using the date as the post title, is so 1998. Towards the back end of 2015, as I jump in the car to drive home, I would usually switch the radio from BBC Radio 2 over to LBC 97.3. After a busy day in the office, it was time to catch up on the biggest news stories of the day and the latest heated debate. Presenters would vary between Clive Bull and if leaving the office on what could be referred to as on time, Ian Dale.

During the Christmas break, having a moment or two to reflect, I started to wonder why I felt 44 (even 54) rather than 34. Why was I listening to serious political debate on the radio, during my commute home. Sure it may only be four miles and take around fifteen minutes, each way but this was not me. I needed to rethink my options.

Now my commute is approximately fifteen miles and takes twice as long as before. The commute itself deserves a separate blog post, which I shall endeavour to upload in the coming few weeks. The entry remains one of many draft entries waiting to be unleashed on an un-expectant public.

The executive decision was made to try and burn a new CD each week of the new year. While this may not be possible for fifty two weeks of the year, I would try to at least hit three fresh CDs each month. All songs I Shazam, I instantly transfer to my WunderList – Tune list, so I can at times have up to 30 songs that I have captured that I need to download. Another source, has been BuzzFeed which features a regular, monthly list of suggestions. Plus for almost a year I had the Vevo app installed on my Android smartphone and can be found some weekend mornings, browsing the latest music videos while still lying in bed!

So why the sudden desire to embrace music once again? Well, this harks back to my days on placement in Bedford over fourteen years ago. I was at the peak of my powers, burning two CDs most weeks. Plus at the time in my Punto, I had a six disc changer (for standard audio discs) and an MP3 CD compatible head unit. Those were the days! With so much going on in the world and so much bad news, constantly fed to us by the MMSM (mass mainstream media) I am using my commute to get into the right frame of mind, be it to build myself up for another busy day in the corporate world of software or the evening to unwind and look forward to another trip to Albert Square and catching up on my current read. People, life is too short to get bogged down by the agenda of others, whomever they may be. Let us focus on ourselves, what makes us happy. There will always be haters. However, the greatest satisfaction, is knowing they are not getting to us. Probably makes them hate even more!

2016 Music CD

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  • Oana Reply

    Always happy to hear of music sources and hearing new sounds! I found your reference to BuzzFeed very useful, thanks 🙂

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