Ghost Protocol Initiated

I am sure we can all recall a moment in time when we truly grow up. These, ‘rights of passage’ occur throughout our lives but generally are confined to our early teens and twenties. In June 1998 I headed on my first solo journey into central London. It was perhaps the biggest interview of my […]

The Madness and Bayhem

It is probably impossible for me to give an unbiased view on the Transformers movie trilogy. I have been a fan of the original animated film from 1986, since it came out when I was a highly impressionable young boy of five. There is something just so appealing to the young mind of a car […]

Sunday 7th September 2008

There is nowhere else to start apart from England. European World Cup Qualifying kicked off yesterday afternoon with all the home nations in action. It was very annoying not being able to watch the game on Sky or the Beeb. There was not even a highlights programme to look forward to later in the evening. […]