Wednesday 6th August 2003

Not been able to dedicate as much time to my website, as I would have liked in the past few weeks. With the heat wave, hitting our shores this week, it has made it unbearable. I just couldn’t sit inside, on lovely sunny days, working on my computer and let the beautiful days pass me by. The days are passing us by, and the summer is going extremely quickly. You notice that how quickly, the summer is going, when you suddenly notice the appearance of the dreaded “Back to School” advertising campaigns. It’s only the start of August, and they can’t wait to get rid of the little kiddies back into the classroom.

As I mentioned in my previous update was that I’m working on a brand new version of this website. However, there is still plenty of work to do on getting that site up and running. My plan is to have the site, ‘live’ before I go back to University in September. I also am planning to move ISP. Although I have enjoyed my time with MadAsAFish, it is time for a change. I receive over 200 spam e-mails every day. Plus, due to changes it their setup, I will no longer be able to access my FTP server or mail remotely. Resulting in me being forced to use their dial up service. I may, temporarily transfer my website over to Uni space and run the site from there. Watch this space, I will keep you informed.

For the time being, I’ve cleared up my links page. It is now more organized and less of a clutter as it was before.

Fame Academy has come back to our screens. It feels like only yesterday, that I came home that Friday evening (October 4th 2002) to watch the show. I remember thinking how amazing the prize is, the life of a popstar for 12 months. The format of this year’s show has been much better, with 25 students whittled down to 12 for the academy, and of course, having former Bee Gees member, Robin Gibb, on board as a judge has proved to give the show more creditability. I’m looking forward to, this evening show, with the last 6 students battling it out for the last 3 available places in the academy. The quality of the talent, has been extremely hard and it has been difficult to chose which students deserve to enter the contest.

The web master of the BBC News Centre, James contacted me a few days ago. He has created a banner for his site, and I have placed this on my links page. I must say, he has an incredible knowledge of BBC News and Weather presenters and is working on adding BBC World Service and News 24 presenters details to his website. We look forward to seeing this very soon. I never thought I would find someone, so ‘obsessed’ with the BBC News team, like myself. Oh well, you know what they say, with the internet, you can always find someone who shares your interests, not matter how weird or wonderful they are.

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