Tuesday 12th August 2003

I was in Leicester today. I happened to walk past my old student house on Cambridge Street, just off the famous (or infamous, depending on your view point) Narborough Road. It brought back so many memories of my second year. It seemed such a long time ago, even though to me, it feels like only a month or so ago. The surroundings may have changed, but to me Leicester and De Montfort University will forever hold some great memories. There are of course far more memories to add to the collection, as I my time at University is far from over. I look forward to my final year at University. I know it is going to be strange to switch back to student mode after a year out in industry, but I’m relishing the challenge. However I think it’s given me that additional motivation to get down to work again, after experiencing the ‘real world’. I am also looking forward to seeing all my friends again and catching up on how things went for them on placement.

Each summer has it’s soundtracks. Do I really need to mention annoying songs, that suddenly become themes for those lazy summer days. A song from the mid nineties, would be Macrenena by Los Del Rio and a recent novelty song would be Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song. With the start of the football season only a few days away, you must have seen the Sky Sport commercials on television. Starring Elton John with his 1977 song, “Are You Ready for Love?” It has been remixed by Fat Boy Slim and will be released on his record label on Monday 1st September. It’s quite a catchy song and has grown on me over the course of the summer.

A song I have been listening to recently is Human Nature by Michael Jackson. This is from the his record breaking album, “Thriller”. A moving song, with powerful lyrics and vocals. It was sampled by SWV in the 90s, on their song with the title, “Right Here“. As recently as this year, Jason Nevins sampled the score for his summer hit, “I’m In Heaven”. The name, Jason Nevins should sound familiar, if somewhat faintly. Remember the hit from 1998, Run DMC versus Jason Nevins on the number one track, “It’s Like That”.

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