Wednesday 20th August 2003

I do not think I have mentioned the legend that is Tommy Boyd. By chance, about three years ago I started listening to TalkSport during the weekend evenings. This was to become something of great importance in my life. I was hooked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Tommy Boyd, would dispel his wisdom to his avid listeners every weekend. The jewel of the weekend was the Sunday evening phone-in. Calls would be aired directly onto the studio, no producers or assistants screening calls. The would result in some hilarious radio for about four hours. Callers would ring up to play, pre-recorded audio, or say some stupid line or whatever. It was an example of democracy on the radio, and people had the opportunity to get take out their angst against the world. After all Monday morning was glaring on us all, and was as inevitable as the sun rising. A great site would his dedicated to Tommy Boyd and his life.

My MP3 collection has grown dramatically over the past few weeks. I now have over 140 albums and over 2500 songs. My Audio page has been updated to reflect his.

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