Thursday 31st July 2003

Another month, disappears into oblivion and August will be upon, with the blink of an eye. I still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that, a year ago, only the first month of my industrial placement had just flown me by. Unaware, was I then, what events would unfold, within the coming few days, and subsequently overshadow, the following months, until the end of year.

However, that is far behind us now. We look forward to the future, with a sense of both optimism and anticipation of the year that lies ahead. My final year at University and then, into the big wide world of work. As many of my elders will say, not a minute to soon. But I’m going to try my best to enjoy my final two semesters at De Montfort University, for I know, that never again, will this opportunity lie before me, and that I should grasp it with both hands and make the most of what remains of student life. As always, everything, well, almost everything will be documented on here, as it has been for the past three years. Indeed, it is the 3rd birthday of my site tomorrow.

When it comes to news, as a matter of choice, I only really watch the BBC network. Although, Sky News is a fantastic news channel, I prefer the homely feeling, of the BBC News Team. They have personalities, which are far more visible on screen, than any of their news channel counterparts. On this subject, I stumbled on a website which documents, not just the history of some of the BBC’s flagship news programmes but also the lives of their presenters. The BBC News Centre brings together, intros, sound clips, biographies, clips advertising the shows, history of news teams, particular partnerships and other very useful information.

Channel 4 for sometime, have provided the best Friday night viewing. One of the highlights of their slots has been Ali G. Everyone out there, know how much of a big fan I am of Ali G. However, another show, which has grown in popularity is Bo Selecta. I watched parts of the first series, but it wasn’t until the second series, which aired from June this year, that I have become a fan of the show. My favourite character that is satirised is Michael Jackson. Now christened as Michael Jackass, the amazing stuntman. Each week, we follow his exploits has he attempts a new humanly possible stunt. Previous exploits include Blind Boxing and Sky Diving (as Peter Pan)

It was difficult to find any great sites on Bo! Selecta. The official Channel 4 mini-site is quite limited in terms of content. The two sites I would recommend are:

Bo! Selecta Morley (that’s in Leeds)

MJ’s Crib

Sorry, I haven’t got time to say update the site anymore, but I am still working on the new revamped version. Hopefully, should be online within a few weeks or so. Take care for now. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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