Friday 25th July 2003

Another week, rapidly comes to a close and the weekend is here to bring us some sanity.

It is strange, how friends come and go, and only those small few remain with you during the course of your life. A strange incident, occurred when I was chatting to one of my old college friends, Pav, last week. He explained that he was talking to Joe and in an instant I asked for the .Net mail address so I could get back in touch with him. Joe was one of my friends from College. My most vivid memory is going to see Star Wars – Episode 1 “The Phantom Menace”, at the Showcase Cinema, on the outskirts of Reading with him, and a few of my other college mates back in July 1999. Putting in down in writing, makes it sound like a long long time ago. But it feels to me, as if it was only a few weeks ago, rather than just a few years ago. But the conversation would reveal the true passage of time.

Chatting to him on MSN, I discovered that he had just successfully completed his Computer Science degree at the University of Essex. He had made loads of new friends while at University and even created a website to document their antics. This website as only just been successfully uploaded, within the past few days. Joe is busy working on getting everything up to date. He assures me that there are loads more photographs to be uploaded.

Of the various articles on Joe’s site, my particular favourite is the “Installing Windows Montage”. Those of you out there with a broadband or other high-speed connection, should consider downloading the 40mb file. It is in DivX format, so you will need the codec from DivX.

The website can be found at Drowning Squat, Nicknack Baby

Not much else to report, I’m afraid. Will update the site, over the course of the weekend.

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