Wednesday 26th March 2003

Just wanted to wish my younger sister, Samantha a happy 20th birthday for tomorrow. I thought I would give you an insight into some of the songs, I have been listening to during the course of the last few weeks. Last week, I was in rock/pop mode, and was listening to 80s classics, “Crash” by The Primitives and also the head bangin’ to “I Don’t Care” by the beautiful Transvision Vamp. This week, I’ve had to put together a more dance based MP3 CD (that still sounds amazing!). If you have seen the hilarious Lynx Pulse commercial which has been having substantial play on all the television channels, both terrestrial and satellite. Well the song, “Make Luv” by Room 5, has a catchy lyric and heavy bass line. The dance, well I won’t comment on that until I see the affect it has on the dance floor. Puretone have made a comeback with a fantastic single, “Stuck In The Groove”, which is also the name of their forthcoming album. Again, taking us from where we left on in their debut single, “Addicted to Bass“, with a fantastic car chase. I’m not a big fan of the BMW Mini, but the Cooper S, is shown off in great style. Both its power and nippiness as the lead singer, dodgers the Mad Max reject ‘baddies’. Plus, I’m getting into summer mode, and mood, listening to my classics: Starship, “We Built This City” and also Huey Lewis & The News – “The Power Of Love”. I may go and work on a Summer MP3 CD now…. Take care, may God bless, or the man upstairs, or whatever power you believe in….

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