Sunday 23rd March 2003

The lesson of this weekend and previous week? There are only certain ways of answering your critics…. Working hard and playing hard too!

Another great weekend – this is turning into an enjoyable habit! My friend from Uni, Darren came over to Wycombe on Saturday. He is currently also on an Industrial Placement with Viglen, based in Wembley. It was great to see him again and spend some quality time on the weekend. Doing the usual things, exchanging music and software – as you do. Plus, backing up my now legendary world class MP3 collection to… wait for it! DVD! Now, I have a gold standard backup, safe and secure. So now, no matter what happens to my hard drive, I will be covered! :o)

Getting things done, so getting all kitted up for the summer. Just a few more things to sort out and I’ll be all set! 🙂

I just wanted to say a big extended hello, to all my cousins out there in the sub continent of India. Especially Pooja, who has started e-mailing me on my Yahoo account. 🙂

Today was a relaxing Sunday as always. However, there was the momentous cloud of the Premiership hanging over me, as a Gooner. Manchester United may have enjoyed a few hours ‘on top’ but it was Arsenal that had some points to prove. Indeed there is only one way of answering your critics. Winning, whether in the style or with a dogged performance. Everton have proved to be one of those teams, that can grind out a result. But as always, we were able to rise above the negative backlash connected to defeat or even a draw. Just the small occasion of the FA Cup on Tuesday.

Not much of an update to the site at all I’m afraid. Very busy at the moment. Will update next weekend, expect the MP3 collection to GROW… and I mean a major increase in the album section in particular.

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