Sunday 16th March 2003

Another great weekend! Sunny weather, and getting stuff done, which always feels good! 🙂

Was in PhoneLand in High Wycombe, with Radio One playing in the background. An intro filled the shop, all to familiar, but when the song kicked in, the vocalist that greeted my ear was BeyoncĂ© Knowles and not 50 Cent. Indeed, it was one of those response songs that are now so common. If you recall, back in October 1999, TLC made a brief comeback with the single, “No Scrubs” and the album, “FanMail”. A group of boyz from the hood, called “Sporty Thievz” came up with the response, “No Pigeons“. Another response song, of more recent times is to Shaggy’s – “It Wasn’t Me“. This was done by Lady Saw, and it was the female response to the song!

Life is good, and the fine weather brings with it the thought, “Summer is just around the corner….” Take care for now. Very busy, so no real updates to the website.

I also took my little sister, Julie to Slough for a nice relaxing day. Indeed, the Office, may have been the best thing to happen to the ‘Industrial town’, but don’t knock it too much! Its the only place which I can distinctly say allows people to realize how far away from London I live!

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