Thursday 13th March 2003

Two updates in a working week? You must thing this is some miracle! Well, I’ve got a very busy weekend plan (so you ask, what’s new?) I wanted to share something with the world too!

Driving home this evening, there was a very different flavour in the air! As I drove across from Bedfordshire into Buckinghamshire, the sun set and guided me in the right direction! As I listened to “Sacred Trust” by the Bee Gees, closely followed by “Cry” by Kym Marsh, I realised that it was all coming clear for me. Everything indeed happens for a reason. What is meant to be, is meant to be! I just hope that, the decisions I make now, are the ones that guide me in the right direction. After all is said and done, I know, I’m the only one! The sun was never setting on my dreams, but showing me that no matter what happens, I’ll get what I want… in time….

Doors have opened for me, and others remain firmly open! I am slowly learning, that I have to look after number one, because nobody else is as important!

I will never hear or feel the sentiments of Kym Marsh’s song, Cry from my old friend. Although I would now describe them as a stranger but I feel that it is only a matter of time before they realize their mistake and forever consider the, “what if…..” scenarios! We all make mistakes, but it is indeed a difficult pain to bear when we continue to convince ourselves that the decisions we have made are the correct ones… only time will tell! You may think it is stupid for me give so much thought to an incident that happened months ago.

As always, we ultimately rise above this, and as the great Usher says, “Pop Ya Collar”!

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