Wednesday 12th March 2003

A rare, mid-week update! Just got back from Leicester. I had my Final Year Options Module Day. Quite a busy day, with loads to do and loads to take in. Still quite undecided on the final choices I will make. Going to seek some advice from some of my colleagues at Pericom and FWBS!

Just wanted to say a thank you to the following people, for letting me ‘crash’ at their place and also make me welcome: Sipz, Daz, Shush, Sonia, V & P! Take care guys, and I will indeed see you soon! I’m sure we can do the ‘G’ thing, and drive up and down Gateway in the Punto again soon! 🙂 Will it be Scandalous we blast or In Da Club?

It was great to be at Uni again! On the positives, it was great to see my friends, give out my business card and flash the job title, “IT Manager”! On the negatives, I don’t want to do the work!!!!! Oh well, I haven’t got into all this debt for nothing you know!

Not much else to report really! Arsenal drawing another game in the Champions League again! Apart from that life is quite good! Back into my Bhangra tunes for a while. Don’t worry, its only a passing phase that will last for the rest of the week. By the weekend, their will be another song that I will have on REPEAT in my car! 🙂

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