Saturday 8th March 2003

What a weekend! This is turning into what I can only describe as the “perfect” weekend! What a FA Cup game! One of the best football matches I have seen for ages! Arsenal showed what true champions are made of! Going down to a goal, conceded early, the Gooners were able to raise our game and come back into the game. To take the lead was amazing, but of course now, Arsenal did it in style! Henry, taking the ball, with effortless control, racing towards the Chelsea keeper. He then becomes poetry in motion, turning, in such a fashion, to both protect the ball, and leave the goalkeeper stranded! He then tapped the ball with the coolness of a chilled ice cold drink, to calmly place the ball into the back of the net! Breathtaking stuff! The Reds, showing their true class, and in what style! The third goal, never materialized for Arsenal, but the fourth of the game did for Chelsea! After one failed attack to another, the Blues, were able to scrabble a goal into the back of Seaman’s goal! A fair result at the end of the day, I have to say! Less said about the whole penalty appeal, the better!

Do you recall a song called, “Days Like That”, by a British girl group called Fierce? Well, I was watching Smash Hits on a Friday night (28th February), and I recognized the score, but the female voices were different, although the sound created did to a certain extend match the Fierce version of 2000. Then, as I continued to watch the video, I noticed it was a whole new girl group and a crisp sexy musical movie! The band were the Canadian group, Sugar Jones and we can expect more fresh material crossing to our shores from them very soon!

The only other new songs I have noticed on the Sky Digital music channels, are The Bangles (still going strong after all these years!) “Something That You Said” and also Kym Marsh (from the winning ITV Popstars band – Hear’Say) making her debut single release with “Cry”. This easy on the ear, yet powerful ballad, has quite a fresh feeling! But that isn’t to say that its a very original sound, it conjures up memories of a similar composition. Who cares though?! Its great to see someone bouncing back, especially after only hitting the headlines for walking out on the reality TV show group.

Just the regular audio page update! Very busy, and hectic weekend! Try and do more next weekend!

Life is good, life is great. I won’t speak to soon though! I’ll just enjoy the moment as much as I can! 🙂 I made the mistake on Friday, at work, to make the regrettable comment, “Everything is running smoothly today, for a change!” Straight after my lunch break, everything that could possibly fail, did! Server, phone system and internet connection! 🙂

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