Thursday 27th March 2003

There are moments in your life that you never forget. There are also moments where magical things happen, with no logical explanation and remain with you forever.

One such moment occurs regularly in my life. Let me take you back to the beginning of the year. It was the evening of Monday 26th January. I had been forced to take the motorway route, due to road works to my A-road route. Although, motorway driving doesn’t bother me, and I quite enjoy it, my music is the thing that keeps me going.

However, by the time I reached junction 10, I was stuck in heavy traffic and it wasn’t going to clear for sometime, from what I was told on the TA (Traffic Announcements) anyways! So, I dug in for the rest of the evening. I was listening to BBC Radio 1, in an attempt to move away from my now tired set of MP3 CDs and also well used 10 disc CD changer. I listened to Steve Lamacq, on his evening show which starts at 8pm. (Please note, I am usually home by 7.15pm (at the latest!)) After the initial chit-chat, he started to play a song. Instantly, I put the volume up. I new this was a song I would like, and I hadn’t even heard the first lyric yet! The song in question, was indeed, “In Da Club”, by the Eminen prodigy “50 Cent”. I’m not a fan of Eminen at all, but I must admit that this song, bangs in my car (if not my club!)

A similar scenario, like the above earlier this week. Tuesday, I feel was the day. I scanned through the usual channels, of Sky Digital. I came across, an amazing music video and also the lyrics, just took me away. I was luckily able to see the artist name and details flash up on the screen as the song came to a close. Laura Pausini (definitely Italian) and song was called, “Surrender”. I got the opportunity to see the video later in the week. It is extremely refreshing to see a record label and team spend money, and I mean a substantial amount of money on an artist. The video is what can only be described as unique and breathtaking. As for the artist, she sings the song with so much belief, strength and conviction that you feel unable to stop yourself from “raising your hands in surrender” to the pure talent. I do indeed, hope that Laura gets the opportunity to shine. Pure, genuine talent such as this, is hard to come by, in a very brand/product based music industry.

Take care of yourself and each other. (As the grey man, Kilroy says on the his show!)

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