Saturday 24th August 2002

So, the month slowly draws to a gradual close. At least we have a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy before September, and the heavy burden that month brings comes along. Don’t expect any further updates than today on the site, although depending on what happens on Monday. Finally, got my ADSL broadband connection live […]

Saturday 20th July 2002

Another week passes us by and the weekend we so come to love, follows the same routine. As much as we would like to be stuck in that magical world in between Saturday morning and Sunday evening, Monday morning glares its ugly head way way too quickly. Broadband has been delayed until Tuesday. Its a […]

Friday 28th June 2002

It has been nearly a week, and I have not been able to add much to the site. I have been extremely, busy trying to sort out things, for the job I start next week. Nothing really to report. Trying to add to my MP3 collection, but using the family land line means, I only […]