Saturday 3rd August 2002

This is quite a milestone in the history of this website. We have this month, reached its 2nd birthday. Over the past two years, all our visitors have seen major changes to the site, as it transformed to a site with a few pages, to a full blown website covering various aspects of my life. Looking back, I can also chart how the website reflects my own personal development. I had left college and was enjoying my summer. A summer which was important. It would be my last at home. In September I would off to University. My MP3 collection was growing gradually, my website although it looked good, it lacked the creative elements which I knew I was capable of. Instead, I just kept the site the same for last two years, not dedicating the time to it that I do now. It wasn’t until this year, that the radical change in layout, colour and style has led me to appreciate the importance of having a well maintenance web site. Well I have been busy working on how I can improve the site with various tweaks and updates to a range of the pages. The mirror site will now come into its own. The site will be distinguished as a site in its own right, and not just a clone copy of this site. Some of the pages will not be replicated over, this is due to space restrictions. Unfortunately, still not got my Broadband connection up and running as yet. I would tell you when you I am hoping to get on-line with ADSL, but I don’t want to put anyone’s hopes up, if I am let down again (as it has now become expected!). Been busy, creating backups of all my critical files. I am thinking of doing a fresh reinstall of everything. My system has got clogged up with loads of junk in the last few months. I think its time to do some upgrading! 😉

Hope you all have been enjoying the summer, whether staying within our shores or venturing far beyond! Take care and thank you for your support over the past two years, may there be many many more.

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