Sunday 28th July 2002

Another week glides by, but one which is quite remember on a number of levels. The weather throughout was very good, culminating in a extremely sunny and hot weekend. I have enjoyed the weekend, especially with the great weather. Work, was hectic and demanding, as per usual. It ended however, on a rather relaxing note. I was taken to Newmarket Race Meeting on Friday 26th. This was an experience, being my first time at a race course. The evening racing was great, and then there was Jools Holland, entertaining, to end the evening. I was hoping, to be on the FreeServe broadband service by Tuesday evening. However, due to a fault in the line, it has not gone live yet. Hopefully, by Tuesday, I should be on the service. My list of MP3s pending download, is just getting bigger and bigger. I haven’t really updated the site yet. Nothing major, just a few bits and pieces on a few pages. I am saving myself, until the broadband service comes along. I have been e-mailing quite a few people over the weekend, trying to get back in touch with friends, from both my home town, plus also those scattered across the country currently on their industry placements. Not had much of response yet, but think I should give them some time to reply.

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