Saturday 24th August 2002

So, the month slowly draws to a gradual close. At least we have a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy before September, and the heavy burden that month brings comes along. Don’t expect any further updates than today on the site, although depending on what happens on Monday.

Finally, got my ADSL broadband connection live on Monday. I have downloaded over 100 songs in the last week. My mp3 collection has grown from 1432 tracks, to an amazing 1550. An increase of 118 songs, in 5 days! I have also completed downloading 4 current albums, in record time. It just proves the difference a broadband connection can make, plus the benefit that I don’t clog up the phone line every time I go online. All further details about my audio collection are on my audio page.

Not many other updates to the website. I really want to hear from you people, and find out how you firstly found out about my website, and what you would like on these pages. What you currently like, and what you think could be taken off.

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