Saturday 29th November 2003

My second night out this week was to my Student Union. Although the nightclub is called Level One, no-one ever refers to as that, it’s just the SU. There has only ever been one Level One for me. That was in Reading. I remember spending several nights there with my friends from college. A regular […]

Friday 28th November 2003

The problem with your birthday falling on a Sunday is that there is little to do. As much Sunday has moved from being a religious day to more of a day to do the shopping, it still isn’t the best day for your birthday. They day was spent with my family. So, after my drive […]

Thursday 20th November 2003

You would think that I had come accustomed to getting up early, after my sandwich placement. However, having got back into ‘student mode’ I have become my lazy self again. Before going to sleep, I would set my alarm for 6.30am. This is purely an excercise in wishful thinking. I feel slightly better, thinking I […]

Wednesday 12th November 2003

Middle of the week already, week 7 at University. The time is flying by and I am over half way through the first semester already. Where is the time going? There was a Graduate Fair at the Walkers Stadium today. In conjunction with both University Of Leicester and De Montfort University, around 20 employees were […]