Wednesday 12th November 2003

Middle of the week already, week 7 at University. The time is flying by and I am over half way through the first semester already. Where is the time going? There was a Graduate Fair at the Walkers Stadium today. In conjunction with both University Of Leicester and De Montfort University, around 20 employees were exhibiting, along with several clinics and workshops during the course of the day. I was looking forward to potential get some contacts for job applications for after graduation. However, the day turned out to be quite a big disappointment. Ignoring the warnings, we went down, early afternoon, hoping to make the most of what firms were there, regardless of the fact that there we no potential IT positions. However, in the end it turned out that the majority of employers were only there to represent their companies, rather than offer potential graduates jobs, advice and direction. Never mind, I made the most of the afternoon and got on with my FYP and other courseworks.

I was having a discussion with my housemate, Nav with regards to blogs and their worthiness. Are they simply self propaganda, for the author, and an example of the selfish world we live in? Or are they at a much highly level, an insight into the psyche of millions of individuals across the globe. Tapping into a wealth of information that the world has never known of before. Nav came to the conclusion that it was purely self propaganda, where the individual just wishes to reinforce their own important and in the process increase their ego, as the visit counter increments! I take the other view that blogs, no matter what their shape or form, provide a unique insight into the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe, and enables us to communicate in a way, that was never possible before, by exchanging thoughts!

Was hoping to go to see The Matrix Revolutions, this evening, but the monumental event has been postponed until tomorrow evening. Hope to bring you my thoughts on the final part of the trilogy on Friday.

Site has been updated on several levels today. I am composing a list of ‘blog’s which I read on a weekly or daily basis. They will be listed on the right hand side, in the Quick Links panel. I was hoping to upload a new Photo Album but there have been problems with the jpg files, so I will do that over the weekend. Links page has been updated.

Not much else to report I’m afraid, very busy with work, but will hopefully add to my blog this coming weekend.

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