Can You Handle A Mo, Bro

Two years ago, a colleague in the office was growing a moustache in November. This work mate, was not just your average work shy acquittance, whom you would simply forget, the moment you leave that employer, but a semi professional ice hockey player Shane Moore. I have always wanted to take part in the annual […]

The Caped Crusader Returns

I have no idea where to begin with this post. I was tempted to start with the first film, Batman Begins which I saw with Pav at the Vue in Reading way back on Thursday 16th June 2005. (The beauty of having and at times maintaining a blog means I can jump back in time […]

All Grown Up

You have to go back to Chrismas 2008, when I made a major statement on life, the universe and everything. You know you are getting old when – could be the start of a popular phrase on Twitter (with users adding their own twist to the ending). Well four years ago on 22nd December the […]

The Power Of A Response

Back at work on a Monday morning is never a great place to be! Why oh why do weekends go by so quickly! However a quick tweet on Twitter can change all that! When I saw Anil Kapoor in the audience at the BAFTA Awards ceremony last night at the Royal Opera House, I explained […]