All Grown Up

You have to go back to Chrismas 2008, when I made a major statement on life, the universe and everything. You know you are getting old when – could be the start of a popular phrase on Twitter (with users adding their own twist to the ending). Well four years ago on 22nd December the comment coupled with, “you are attending the christening of your school friend’s second child!”. Well I officially felt even older today when I headed over to Reading for brunch with some friends and their new arrivals – Noah and Oliver.

Perhaps it is just the circle of life but what follows very closely after a marriage. Indeed – you answered correctly – babies. After a summer jam packed with weddings, we now have a year later a summer packed with births. (I am sure I am not alone to notice a great deal of maternal / paternal activity on the Facebook news feeds.). The meal was arranged for a few weeks back but as not everybody could attend it was moved to this Sunday morning but I had only confirmed on Friday morning. Once I had had the chance to contact Michelle and confirm timings. I was looking forward to meeting the new arrivals. Having gone through a phase of not wanting children at all around the mid noughties, I have of course now very much changed my mind. I believe my initial apprehension came from when my cousin Anita gave birth to my second cousin Ramzi back in 2004 and watched her life change so dramatically.

We picked up Mel from her flat in Langley and drove into Reading and got to Bill’s Restaurant. We met up with Kev, Duen and Oliver outside and headed inside. We had a table for eleven reserved upstairs, where Foxy and Rachel were waiting. It was just a case of waiting for Charlie, Ben and the final family, Pav, Emily and Noah. They were going to be late and Foxy even considered if we should switch from the breakfast menu to the lunch menu. When they eventually arrived, close to midday, Noah was sound asleep in his buggy, so it was time to get order some food before he woke up.

Teg & Noah

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