Can You Handle A Mo, Bro

Two years ago, a colleague in the office was growing a moustache in November. This work mate, was not just your average work shy acquittance, whom you would simply forget, the moment you leave that employer, but a semi professional ice hockey player Shane Moore. I have always wanted to take part in the annual event and raise some money for a great cause. After my successful facial hair experiment from mid December to late January I feel I am fully prepared for the challenge ahead. A colleague at my current workplace, sent out a mail to all the male members of the team to find anyone willing to join him, in the challenge. I did not have time to respond, but tonight, while watching TV, I made the suggested to my wife. Her response? An instant – yes! I should go for it and at the same time raise a great deal of money for charity. So I headed over to the official website and created my donation page. I will try and post regular updates on my blog so you can watch my progress and I can keep sending out regular reminders for all my friends and family to donate.

I have created a FlickR page where I will upload high resolution photos of my progress every few days.

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