Wednesday 23rd April 2003

A mid-week update to keep you all amused, until the weekend! 🙂 Very hectic weekend coming up, well the next two weekends are extremely hectic! So, I think I may not even be able to update the site, until next Wednesday. But I’m sure I can make time on Sunday. Just finished watching the titles […]

Saturday 18th January 2003

Number Five in the Official UK Top 40 singles chart, and the second highest new entry! Well at least Electric 6 didn’t make it to that coveted number one spot! Now, of course there will be some of you who say, that only just getting into the Top 5 is a poor result. But for […]

Sunday 8th December 2002

So the first week of December, rolls by and this runaway train continues on its deadly course for Christmas. Are you prepared? I make it no secret, that I am not a purchaser of music singles. Therefore, the UK Top 40, does not reflect my personal musical tastes. However, I have purchased the following singles: […]