Sunday 8th December 2002

So the first week of December, rolls by and this runaway train continues on its deadly course for Christmas. Are you prepared? I make it no secret, that I am not a purchaser of music singles. Therefore, the UK Top 40, does not reflect my personal musical tastes. However, I have purchased the following singles:
  • Chesney Hawkes – Stay Away Baby Jane (31st December 2001)
  • Andy Williams – Music To Watch Girls By (December 1998)
  • Ace of Base – Life Is A Flower (April 1998)
Quite a mixed collection indeed. I was considering the purchase of Liberty X – “Holding On For You”, this week, until I heard an amazing trance record on Radio 1, early in the week. The piano, and soothing voice of the female vocalist struck a cord with my soul. Therefore, I have now made a promise. I will buy, one single each year. And it will be the last release of the year. Therefore, as you have already deduced, the song I am referring to will be sold from Monday 30th December 2002. However, what is the name of the song? For that my friends, you will have to wait. With regards to site updates, there are the usual updates to the usual pages. The photos, audio and links pages have had new material added. Plus, I have decided to remove the classified results of England internationals. I feel these high important statistics are better suited in the hands of a professional. I will screen some sites and provide a link to a site which offers the best and most up to date statistics for our national team. The most noticeable change to the website is the major change to the menu. I have now added a link directly to my Top Ten page, to give the page the necessary increased exposure. Mirror Site – This has been available for nearly six months and has provided the opportunity to increase the audience span of my site. It was, however, updated infrequently and sporadically. I have now made the decision to update it every month. This will mean, that it remains 3 weeks before the main site here. Of course, the mirror, contains all the material from the main site apart from the Berlin page, due to size restrictions.

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