Sunday 30th July 2006

Another big weekend, slowly comes to a close. Although this is the second part of a triple bill that finally comes to a close next weekend. So much to write about and with fifty minutes until the last TOTP ever, I feel I may have to either cut myself short or come back later if […]

Sunday 9th July 2006

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest last night at the Vue in Oxford. As you could have predicted, the early evening screenings were sold out. Luckily my friend and I had already planned to go and watch the 9.30pm screening, so I arrived to book tickets at 7.30pm, there were plenty […]

Friday 7th July 2006

A year ago, I was on my computer at work, taking phones calls to the helpdesk as normal. I opened up Firefox for the first time that morning to the BBC News web site (which is the default home page on all my personal computers) to find a breaking story of power surges on the […]

Tuesday 4th July 2006

My advice to you, on this Independence Day, is not to wear a red tie while at Heathrow Airport, standing anywhere near the Virgin Atlantic ticket sales desk. About three different people came up to me, thinking I worked there. Perhaps one of the strangest questions I have ever been asked, “Are you with Virgin?”. […]