Friday 21st July 2006

We finally made it, even though there were doubts late into the working day. Okay it was much quieter than I expected but dealing with an issue right up to the wire, is the never the best way to end the working week. Thankfully my colleague (the only other person in the office with me at the time) stayed to help me make sure the job was done. As usual it was the simplest of oversights but we got there in the end. It is not every day that the client calls you a ‘hero’, while I appreciated the sentiment greatly, I felt more like Robin than Batman. Today of all days I tried to not think about my weekend and just focus on work. Chris will tell you that made me mean and grumpy but I would respond with a need to earn my weekend, rather than it just falling in my lap. Maybe I do not deserve the next two days, but somewhere in my heart I feel it is part of my destiny. While that does sound a bit wishy-washy, I am trying best to describe how I feel at this moment in time. As I hit the M4 to collect my cousin from Hayes, the sun beating down, I cranked up the stereo. The mother of all weekends was just about to begin. A complete contrast to how I felt on this weekend, almost exactly a year ago. Do not me wrong, it was a great weekend, when I perhaps learnt more about myself than I would like to admit. Yet, a full twelve months on, I left the house this morning thinking that silly, what if scenario. What if I had gone down that road and bought that car. Would my life had been any different? One thing is for sure. I would not be having a double header this weekend and perhaps would be lucky to be going to Motor Show. Enough of nostalgia and looking back at what could have been. Instead let us focus on what the next four-eight hours will bring. One thing is for sure, there will never be another forty eight hours like it ever again. While some of my friends must feel I am secretly working with the PR for a famous singer and upcoming actress. I would just beg to differ. I have been waiting for a week for the video to ‘A Public Affair’ to be released. Meanwhile at work I was reading BBC News web site during my lunch hour, when I noticed an interesting story regarding digital music downloads. The first to be released free of DRM (Digital Rights Management) is to be the new single by Miss Simpson. There is even a Yahoo! Music blog which covers the story. You can download a personalised version of the song which will include Jessica singing your name in the track. Seems like our blonde friend is history in the making. When I returned home, buoyed by this news I searched You Tube for the video and bingo, I found to my delight that several had been uploaded. As if there were not enough reasons to bop around to this track, the video includes some of my favourite ladies, in particular Miss Christina Milian. It must be great to be friends with pop stars. Call them up on the phone and ask them to appear in your music video. Okay, let me just snap out of my daze. In any case, watch the video and let me know what you think. There is nothing wrong with a bit of feel good music, once in a while. Some people just need to learn to loosen up a little.

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