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Sunday 8th July 2007

A round up post, to clear up a few things and mention briefly a few things that are on my mind. I will start with the concert, that I was attending just a week ago. Many people have been quite outspoken in their opinion that it was rubbish. I was horrified by some of the… Read More »

Sunday 15th October 2006

The only down side of going out on a Saturday evening is missing Match Of The Day. Perhaps several years ago this would have been a major problem because there was nowhere else apart from the Beeb to see the goals. In the modern age of satellite television and rolling news coverage, you can capture… Read More »

Wednesday 8th February 2006

How ironic, the new MP3 CD which I had just burnt on Sunday, switched over to Mylo – Doctor Pressure, as I took to lead six of my colleagues over to Premier Karting. The clock was ticking, it was a few minutes past six as I headed out of the main gates. We had to… Read More »

Sunday 10th April 2005

Never expected the response I received in my comments following on from the posting on Monday, regarding events from last Sunday evening. While it is tempting to stop this facade and reveal all, there would be little fun to end the mystery so soon. I use the word mystery loosely. Many of you, who read… Read More »

Monday 28th March 2005

So, the Easter weekend is over! Back to work tomorrow, back to reality with a bump! Did you do any of the following? When is the next Bank Holiday? I had been planning this for several weeks, but finally on Friday night, got around to creating my own FlickR account. It was all prompted by… Read More »