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Too Old For Tumblr

You probably know the service and may even be an advocate user. I have known about Tumblr for some time but until now, never really had the need to setup a Tumblr blog. With the news that Yahoo! is to purchase the platform for over $1.1 billion. I thought this was the ideal time to tip my toes into the pool. I have setup a blog. The most interesting aspect of the story, is not the large amount of money in the transaction but the promise from Yahoo! not to ‘screw things up’. The warning from history is when Yahoo! purchased my beloved FlickR and made such a hash of things, the service has never fully recovered. While FlickR may be on life support, it is not dead and there are plenty of things the current owner could do to make things better. I have faith in the service and continue to upload all my high resolution images onto the cloud for safekeeping. While most of my peers now use Facebook for their photographs, I will always use FlickR and as a fully paid up pro user, I know I am getting very good value for money.

So why join Tumblr particularly so soon after joining Instagram (and uploading a total of only three photographs to date). I suppose I am preparing myself for the near future when I finally get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and start taking some impromptu photos while out and about on my travels. Ultimately though, my plan for Tumblr is more about fun, whereas Instagram is more about recording a specific moment. While I agree that I am perhaps far too old to be using these services, there is no barrier to my forever expanding online presence. I am finding it extremely difficult to find the time to blog, which I know you have all heard for too many times in the past few years on these pages. In fact, I have about half a dozen posts sitting in draft mode, waiting to be completed and published. I am hoping that using these alternative platforms, they can complement my full fat blog.

Any advice on people to follow or tips on posting to Tumblr would be greatly received. You can contact me via Twitter my handle is @tegala.

Sunday 8th July 2007

A round up post, to clear up a few things and mention briefly a few things that are on my mind. I will start with the concert, that I was attending just a week ago. Many people have been quite outspoken in their opinion that it was rubbish. I was horrified by some of the comments (mainly from television viewers) over at the News Blog. Why do people always have to bash these kinds of events, particularly if they were not there to truly appreciate the experience. Sure, the line up could have been slightly better but overall I really enjoyed the six hour show and there were some wonderful performances. P. Diddy in particular stands out with a great performance. I received my DVDs of the concert (4 discs) from Hussein on Saturday morning. Fantastic! The quality is amazing, even though, the final few minutes of the show was missed. Never mind. I now have the task of trimming the clips down to individual songs / artist medleys, which is not going to be an easy task.

A moment of celebration this week, as I uploaded my 2000th photo to FlickR. Unfortunately it was not a photograph of note, it was just a photograph of Dave in his kitchen (which you can see from the previous entries). I am just amazed that I have been able to get so many photos online, having only joined the site in January 2006. Easily one of the best online purchases I have ever made and the site continues to improve and the people behind it keep adding additional functionality.

I went to see a friend in Bexleyheath, Kent yesterday morning. I left Wycombe around 9.30am and headed anti clockwise around the M25 (to avoid the £1 toll) and got to their house just before 11am. Just after 1pm, we headed to Bluewater. It was my first time to the shopping centre and it was absolutely amazing, I just wish I had had more time to spend there. After a quick bite to eat at TGI Friday’s we went to have a look around a few of the sports shops. Then we got some double chocolate muffins from Millie’s Cookies and headed back home. I left around 3.30pm and got home just before 5pm. The rest of my afternoon was spent watching Live Earth on BBC television. I could have gone but opted against it for a few reasons. Firstly cost, £55 a ticket, plus travel plus food. Secondly, I had already been there last weekend and even thought the set list was perhaps slightly better, preferred to watch on television. At least this way I could take in the other concerts around the world. I had pre-registered in April but when given the opportunity to buy a ticket, had poor seats in the stadium. My sister, Natalie offered me tickets through a friend but I once again declined. So, I missed Live 8 and Live Earth but I am not that concerned to be honest. Sure, it would have been great to attend either event and pledge my support to a great cause but being an armchair fan in some circumstances is not such a bad thing.

Music wise, I have been listening to the Freemasons remix of Greenlight by Beyoncé constantly this week. It is yet another example of a remix out doing the original. The last time I mentioned this was in late December 2004 with Britney Spears’ Everytime. If you have not heard the song, tune into KISS or alternatively check out the video on YouTube. It is very infectious, believe me!

Sunday 4th February 2007

Logged onto FlickR this morning, as I do most days and saw the following announcement. Those guys at FlickR are just crazy comedians!

Sunday 15th October 2006

The only down side of going out on a Saturday evening is missing Match Of The Day. Perhaps several years ago this would have been a major problem because there was nowhere else apart from the Beeb to see the goals. In the modern age of satellite television and rolling news coverage, you can capture the highlights almost anywhere at anytime. I usually watch Goals On Sunday but if I happen to be up early on Sunday morning (very rare) I watch the early morning repeat of the flagship BBC show. As luck would have it, last night at the Phatz Bar there was a big screen showing the programme so I went over to watch the highlights of Arsenal versus Watford. Afterwards the screen was kept on to show The Omen. I suddenly recalled that it was a eerie time with Friday 13th having just past and Halloween a few weeks away.

Saturday at the Phatz Bar was good, although it was strange to leave home much later than normal. Usually I tend to leave early and be one of the first out. Instead I left home around 9.30pm and got into Maidenhead around 10pm. The cost of parking at the station car park has gone up. It was £2 back in December, now has increased to £3 but as you can guess I only had £2 in lose change so had to get some more change from one of the taxi drivers parked nearby. I then text Pav to let him know I was here and waited by the Odeon cinema (previously Film Works) for them to pull up in Kev’s Seat Leon. We walked down to Phatz Bar, it was quite busy downstairs but upstairs was generally quite. I said hello to the rest of the gang and then got the first round in. It was ten minutes before Pav took to the decks. Good night overall, in a small rather cozy venue. Although downstairs they were playing the more commercial pop material, I was happy to spend the evening with my friends listening to Pav DJ. With his N73, he uploaded the photographs taken during the evening, onto his FlickR account, just a matter of time before he upgrades to Pro.

When Sunday comes around, I always plan to do more than I actually get done. While this is perhaps not a major problem, I always end the day feeling I could have done more. This weekend was yet another prime example. Clean my room, clean the car, tidy my desk. I got around to just hoover the car around 4pm on Sunday, after a long nap. The video I uploaded to You Tube became one of the most popular and most discussed clips over the weekend, hitting 17 on the honours list. By the end of Sunday evening I had over 1000 hits and over 20 comments. I expect more tomorrow when many people return to the workplace and free internet access.

Saturday 18th March 2006

For the first time in many months I was seriously considering not updating my blog on a Friday night. This was not because I had other plans, going out for a night on the tiles. Nothing like that at all. I seriously had nothing to report, nothing interesting to write about, which is so unlike me. Usually on a Friday there is something I can scrape together and upload. Actually I am curious now to find the last time I did not the last time I did not blog on a Friday with no valid reason. I looked through some of the latter entries from 2005, but could not find a clear example. Never mind. Friday are busy and in their very nature you have to be at the top of your game to deal with all the calls on the helpdesk. Though it is not all about work, we do try and enjoy the fact that the weekend is near. I opted out of the order for Subway for lunch, preferring to keep it as the odd treat, perhaps once or twice a month. I had been waiting for a laptop to arrive on Thursday afternoon, but it had not arrived. The client was concerned that it had gone missing in transit, so I chased our receptionist to see if there was any news. There was none. At 4pm, the phone rang. DHL had just dropped off a package, so I headed over to the other side of the complex. To my surprise the package was a laptop case, with document sticky stuck to the side. This is how it had arrived, no bother. I took it over to my desk, and opened the case, in front the prying eyes of my manager. My jaw hit the floor, the laptop itself was twisted in two, with fragments of the keys clearly visible at the bottom. How could anyone send a laptop like this in transit? My colleague took a photo, at my request but my manager took a step further and asked for us to film a small comedy sketch. I open a brand new laptop case, took out a working IBM Thinkpad, then the camera stops, we swap to the damaged device. The shot cuts to me throwing my head forward, to head butt the computer and you see the destruction caused. (Yes, I do have a metal plate behind my forehead!) I have a copy of the image, but it is quite poor in quality, so I will take some further pictures on Monday when back in the office. I may, if you are good, upload the avi for limited time download. For the time being, feast your eyes on the following damaged goods. Smashed, broken and finally the destroyed.

In other news, I have this week concluding the last pieces of administration in preparation for my trip over to Germany next month. Less than a month, in fact. Upgraded my RAC cover (which I only started in September) to cover the cars on the drive to and from the continent. Also contacted Vodafone to arrange for my phone to be enabled for international roaming. I was worried that they may want me to pay some kind of deposit. My old college friend Dave (whom we bumped into in Reading last Saturday night) had to pay £200 as he had only just started his contract, when I last went to Germany in October 1999. Thankfully they tried to offer me this Vodafone Passport offer, which meant after a connection fee, I could use my inclusive minutes while abroad. However the catch was that my current plan was not sufficient as it was no longer offered to new customers. I had to upgrade to the next plan, from 25 to 75 minutes, which would be an extra £5 a month. No thank you. I use my phone so little, I could hardly justify it. I mean it is off for the majority of the working day. While over in Germany, I will only be using it to ring home and let my family know how I am. I was concerned that by selecting the pay as you go option for international usage I would be hit with bearing the cost of incoming text messages. Thankfully there is no charge for incoming messages, just incoming calls. Simple, keep my phone off as much as possible. In my hunt around the web, I have found a fantastic site by enthusiasts from the UK for greatest racing track known to man. North Loop which has become a labour of love for the web site owners. Some fantastic picture, information, links and perhaps most importantly directions from the UK to the track. We are nearly there, I can smell the rubber burning on the tarmac. Pav is working hard on getting his car ready for the big weekend. I believe all the engine modifications will be finished by next weekend, so he can get the vehicle fully serviced. Then there is just the minor issue of some ICE. This afternoon on Score Interactive (the joys of digital television!) they showed a preview of all of the cities, hosting World Cup matches, with the classic Autobahn by Kraftwerk. The German electronic syth pop group’s debut single, the title track to their 1974 album (which hit number 4 in the UK charts) which reached number 11 in May 1975 in the UK singles chart. Consider that track, downloaded and burnt and ready to be played the moment we hit the soil of Deutschland. Can you tell I’m really excited?

My old house mate, Nav wondered why I added my Amazon Wish List to my web site. He did not think that a complete stranger would appreciate my blog enough to make a gift donation. Yet there are prime examples across the web of web readers making these purchases for the site author. At times you would feel I have nothing on my wish list, because when every birthday or Christmas comes around I do not know what to ask for. I suppose I enjoy the satisfaction of earning something. Which bring me to my next point. This afternoon I received a package from Amazon. It was, to my surprise two gifts. This was in recognition of my work on bringing back to life a colleague’s home computer. Personally I enjoyed the job which took little of my weekend. The best thing about such tasks is the satisfied customer at the end of the day, particular when you hand them a DVD with all their personal ‘stuff’ fully recovered. This was the first time my Wish List used for the purpose it was created.

Stars Wars Trilogy DVD Boxset FlickR Hacks

Had a quick flick through the book (sorry that was a rubbish pun, no intended) and it covers every aspect of the online sharing web tool. I really want to get my teeth into the more techie programming API side of things, but I think it will take some time. Strange, how on 31st January, the author, JBum recommended I purchase the book and here I am, with the book at hand. There are just two things I need, time and photographs. There will be little trouble in snapping away on my digital camera. Better get out there and start capturing the moment.

Wednesday 22nd February 2006

For the past few weeks (some would say months) it has been difficult being an Arsenal fan. Particularly as I have mentioned before, having Chelsea and Tottenham fans as members of senior management. Well last night was the return of the good old Arsenal. Even I thought we would be lucky at most to get away with a draw from the Bernabeu. Usually when there is a big game on in the evening, my mind wonders during the course of the day. Today I didn’t have a chance, it was just so busy and I was running on pure adrenaline at times to get all the things done. Normally I would have time to read up on all the stats before the game, find out what the Madrid had been saying to the papers and get ready with some minor build up, just before I left work. I left much later than usual, not getting into my car until well past 6.30pm, but it just meant by the time I got home, changed, the kick off was minutes away. Before I mention the game itself, I must announce to the world this slight discretion. Now Chris Williams, my colleague (incidentally has started his own blog over at MSN Spaces ) in the mid afternoon quiet period admitted that he was rooting for the Spanish giants. Fair enough. But when a colleague inquired for reasons for this decision, he came out with a response that even my 12 year old sister, with very little knowledge of soccer would be ashamed of. David Beckham. “He’s hasn’t won anything since his move in 2003, and I feel he should..” My colleague and I looked at each other in disbelief and didn’t know whether to fall to the fall in a hysterical fit of laughter or burst out crying. Now, please please do not get me wrong. I think DB7 is an excellent player and one of the best (but not complete) midfielder’s this country has ever produced. He gets a lot of bad press, but people forgot how many holes he has dug England out of, over his decade at the top of the game. However, he has already won the European Cup with Manchester United and the fact that you feel pity on the poor East London lad for not picking up any winners medals in his relatively short time on the continent is just ludicrous. For someone who appreciates (and when not injured plays) the game, at a amateur level, this opinion was not just unfounded but a complete joke. Next you will be saying you like to watch Woodgate in La Liga, just because he is English.

We needed a big game from our senior players and for the younger, rather inexperienced players to put on the shirt and fight with no fear. Henry was going to be crucial and I knew before the game that he would have to have great day at the office, if were to be even half as effective as required. My original apprehensions were put to rest within minutes of the kick off, Reyes was clean through and had a decent shot on goal saved. This was going to be a great game. The news reports tell the tale. It was a night that we broke the record, by being the first English, correction British side to beat Real Madrid in their own back yard. More importantly we looked like the unbeatable team from two years ago, quick interplay, sharp passing and constantly looking for the killer counter attack. I have to admit that it was the best overall team performance all season long. I think this is just what the doctor ordered, a good confidence boost, particularly to the younger members of the squad, to tell them, “Yes we can beat the unbeatable…yes we are Arsenal…one of the greatest teams in Europe”.

During the course of the second half, I was speaking to Daniel over in Singapore. It was a crazy hour in the morning and he had got up to watch, ‘his team from Spain’ live on television. Shame he got up to late and missed out on a first half which saw his team look like the away side. For once, his prediction (like much of the football press, was inaccurate and he was forced to eat some humble pie. Victory is so sweet. Though I must not get carried away, for it is only half time and there is still another ninety minutes to be played at Highbury. I wonder how we will fair with our first choice eleven back? March 8th, pencil that date in your diary, football fans.

In other news away from the most popular game on the planet (and the universe!). A few things to mention, but I will keep my ramblings brief. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Kanye West, whom I mentioned in my update last Friday, has been hand picked by Tom to record the theme for the upcoming (May 5th, or rather more fashionably, 05.05.06) Mission: Impossible 3 soundtrack. Now, if you consider, the Brits performance alone, West will, I am sure come up with something truly amazing and deliver the goods for the soundtrack, that will be the blockbuster of the summer, if not the year. Us fans have been waiting eagerly for the third and final (?) installment in the espionage trilogy. Yet, you have to see the ingenuity of Cruise with the franchise. Each has it’s own director and therefore it’s own style, but also it’s own genre of sound. Hip hop, will go well with the movie, having already seen the trailer. If you want a laugh, just go and read this review and then begin to picture Tom telling Kanye that he just ‘killed it man!’. Classic.

I am now officially addicted to FlickR constantly searching for tagged images of various subjects. I have become fascinated with the idea of creating photo mosaics, to the point I have downloaded software to create my own. The idea is simple, you select a source image, which will then be used as the base for the new photo mosaic. Then you click a button, and enter in the tags you want downloaded. The program then downloads hundreds and hundreds of small thumbnail images to be used. A little tweaking, involves changing the size of the clip art titles and there you go, you have a photo mosaic, that from a distance will look just the same as the source image, but only when you zoom in can you see it is in fact made up of tiny photographs. I will not mention my first attempt, the image was too rich in colour and the final result does not reflect the source image. However my second and third attempt, I am proud of and, in a strange way they reflect the topics discussed in this entry.

Mission: Impossible Poster Mosaic


Rather feeble attempts, I agree, but I’m getting better and will continue to be as creative as I can. You can view the original images over on my FlickR account. My plan would be get a picture of Theirry Henry and then create a mosaic using only 201 of goals for Arsenal. That would be amazing and something I would get printed professional and framed. For the time being I experiment and learn. The second image, is Aeon Flux, the movie I was hoping to see last weekend (as it opened on 17th February) but I have already booked tickets for the Sunday at my favourite local cinema, the Vue at the Oracle, Reading. I can’t wait, there is just something about watching a new superhero for the first time that brings me out in a hot sweat.

Everyone has a mate called, Dave and mine sent me this exclusive picture of the new Punto Grande Abarth to be released in the summer. However, if you want to raise the temperature to sizzling hot you will have to wait until another year, for the 2.0 litre 240bhp edition to be released. When I was considering the purchase of the Stilo Abarth in the middle of last year, the specs (which I think remain unchanged) are 2.4 litre and only 170bhp. Maybe good things do come to those that wait. Having said that, originally when I first saw the pictures of the Grande, I was not impressed. Even now, it looks slightly like a Ford Fiesta. Although over time and having seen the advert several times on television, I think it does look quite striking for a small car.

Punto Grande Abarth

Wednesday 8th February 2006

How ironic, the new MP3 CD which I had just burnt on Sunday, switched over to Mylo – Doctor Pressure, as I took to lead six of my colleagues over to Premier Karting. The clock was ticking, it was a few minutes past six as I headed out of the main gates. We had to be there before 6.30pm. I had a map with me, printed from Multi Map, but it was near to useless, yet I had a very vague idea of where I was heading and in the end, after getting lost by turning left two roundabouts too soon. We eventually made it to the site, part of a medium sized industrial era and were raring to go. I had been quietly looking forward to this evening for some time. I suppose mainly because it had been so many years since I had been in a kart. Back in December 1997 I went with a school friend who was a semi-professional with his own vehicle. My second stint behind the wheel was before Easter a year later, when I was somewhere in North London with my Dad’s previous employers and had originally only come to watch, but due to lack of numbers was told to suit up and hit the track. Those who know me well or have been in a position to witness my driving (either as a passenger or other road user) know I love cars and have a passion for almost anything beautiful with four wheels. There is never usually a need for speed, but it is quick acceleration that really makes me smile. I may be competitive in the work place but when it comes to sport (the active, rather then spectator) I know I just cannot mix it with the big boys. Much rather, have some fun and enjoy the ride. Amongst our group, we had an ex professional driver/teacher, who has taught at the famous Le Man circuit, but he was not the only threat. We had a few highly competitive individuals and a wide boy maverick (yes, he’s the one who drives the black Seat Ibiza Cupra with fogs in the morning!) After a quick safety debriefing, we were given some practice laps before the main event would begin. In the early stages, it was clear to see the ‘real’ competition was between, perhaps three maybe four people. (I say people, but it was an all male contingent out on Hawkhurst Stadium.) Then, we were given our kart numbers and I got lucky thirteen, not a great sign. Oh well, never mind. The races were organises so that four karts would be on the track at any one time and our numbers called to the pits prior to the ending of the running race for a quick change over. I had a short wait for the first two races to get underway, I eventually got onto the track for the real deal. To make it fair, everyone would take pole in at least one race and then work their way down (or up) the starting grid. This was to give everyone a fair choice of scoring points. Then the points would be totaled to give you your starting position in the semi finals. Due to the size of our group, it enabled there not be the need for a qualifying stage for the semis. I came third, second (losing out to my colleague, who had been persistently on my tail throughout the course of the five laps, on the final corner, milliseconds from the finish line) and then first, holding off some stiff competition after a few crashes in the first lap. This gave me a final points total of 83 and put me 6th for the semi final. The semi final itself is a bit of a blur. Hopefully it will become clearer at some point later. In any case, in the final there was no point dreaming of victory, the grid was packed with the dream start line, with a surprise in pole. Chris had clocked a record lap time of 29.80. My objectives? Primary, not to come last. Secondary, not to get lapped. My primary objective remained the only success of the race. I was lapped by the winner and a few others, although was the second off the track at the end of the race (to the surprise of the onlookers.) People say I drive like an old woman. Actually let me rephrase that, the only people to say I drive like grandma, are my colleagues at work. Enough said. Point made. Point proven. I can take all this criticism, I’m a man! I would definitely go again, but perhaps a different circuit. The only let down was the rule of no bumping, which unfortunately is evitable and cannot be helped. Some of the music played also, could do with vast improvement. The Grease Megamix is just not what you want to listen to while you are trying to hold back three guys behind you and get the perfect turn around the final corner. Nevertheless, a great evening out and I must thank my manager personally for organising everything. Thankfully my vote for karting outweighed those who had their eye on paint balling. The timing was also perfect, originally it had been penciled in for early December but we just ran out of time, so we it was re-arranged for late January, early February. I think this was the perfect time. You’ve just got back into the work routine and need a quick pick me up, something that you can enjoy and talk about for some time. They call these events team building but in our case they could be seen has team destroying, as is the rivalry within between support and development.

On my way to work, I was wondering the nationality of firstly the people I have worked for, but then got onto the train of thought of the nationality of the actual companies I had worked for. Strangely enough I have, in my short working life, worked only for British companies. If you consider the multinational world we live in, this is some strange achievement. Will I always work for a British company, in some shape or size? Who knows, but it is good to look back at my early career (can I really call it that) in such a light. I know you can never apply for jobs based on the flag the company is flying at headquarters and the fact that so many of the companies clients are foreign based, ranging from Israel to Japan.

Uploaded my pictures from the a-ha concert, my first ever concert which took place on 3rd December last year to my FlickR account. As you can see, I’m trying to make the most of my membership and learn some new techniques, like mosaics. I might go the full hog and buy FlickR Hacks after sending a quick message to one of the author’s Jim I discovered some great software to create mosaics, although perhaps not to the high standard quality of Krazy Dad. What this space, hopefully I can get a few examples together and upload them soon. I just feel the urge to be creative and share my eye for photographs with others. Ultimately my aim is contribute, even if my 50 cents, is perhaps only worth two pence (taking into account the latest currency exchange).

Sunday 10th April 2005

Never expected the response I received in my comments following on from the posting on Monday, regarding events from last Sunday evening. While it is tempting to stop this facade and reveal all, there would be little fun to end the mystery so soon. I use the word mystery loosely. Many of you, who read this blog will already know who this mystery meeting was with. Those who are still wondering whom I am talking about, really need to open your eyes to some simple facts. This may be too much of a give away, but the person has only entered my life this calendar year, and is always associated with a great superstar. That is enough from me now on this subject, for I feel over the coming months, there will be little fresh news on the topic. I will endeavour to bring you any relevant information but it really depends on how things are progresses in the court room, as much as anything else.

I know I mentioned my FlickR account, in the final entry from March. That was more of just an announcement that I had taken the bold step to open an account. Last night, I finally got around to uploading some images. The full linkage is on the Photos page. While I am trying my best to take a photograph everyday, this is of course, not always possible. Instead I am trying to focus on quality rather than quantity. My photos are going to be capturing a moment, foremost then using my own creative ability to frame the moment as best as I can. If you have a FlickR account yourself, or recommend one, please drop me a line. I will create a friends list and publish it online somewhere.

Music, one of my major passions. I have been working tirelessly to improve my MP3 collection after a few months of neglect, even if the hard disk capacity is nearly full. I need to get back into the habit of watching music television and making a list of mp3 tracks to download. A religious task, it became part of my weekly Friday evening routine, while on my placement. I would watch the Box, as they screened all the fresh hits and then, later that evening I would download as many of the songs I could, then blog about them. I miss those days, those nights spent trying to put together a review of my week. While that was a difficult time for me, personally and professional I think overall the experience was valuable on so many levels. I realised the true meaning of hard work and knowing that no matter what happens, there is always hope. My blog was just beginning and I can never look back with anything but a smile.

There have been a few new tracks that I have downloaded this week. WarezP2P has been experiencing major problems over the past few days, so I have diverted to eDonkey2000. Although the interface takes a little getting used to, it is by far more reliable than WarezP2P or even KaZaa Lite. Most of the tracks I have downloaded, I mentioned in my last few postings. Apart from one. While I have little time for Jennifer Lopez (or is that J Lo or perhaps more accurately, Jennifer Anthony) the celebrity or even movie star, I have plenty of time for her music. While I was blow away by her entrance onto the music scene back in 1999, with some radio friendly Latino flavoured numbers. My personal view is that she has either found it very difficult to find a comfortable genre for herself and her music or has just decided to always go with whatever is in fashion. (Why does my mind tell me that the later is more likely the truth) She has had several collaborations and while I have no care for who is has or has not married this month, the music does stand out. By music I am referring to the tracks that are hidden on the albums and never really gain any commercial notoriety. For example, The One, as featured on the album, This Is Me… Then is an amazing song, moving and strong, with the vocals coming through on a sentimental musical arrangement. When you hear the lyrics, you see the quality and talent that this woman possess and a voice which is almost angelic. Over the course of several other tracks, she is able to capture the mood of a song and put this across. “Baby, I Love You” is a prime example of being able to adapt her vocals to the needs of the song. On Friday, I saw the ending of a video featuring Fat Joe, but was unable to note down the title. I made it my mission last night to find it and listen to it, in full. To my surprise I did not find the song featuring Fat Joe, but instead Don Omar. Not sure if this a change of direction for Jennifer but it is indeed a beautiful song and well sung, as expected. While I also downloaded the other version, the latino flavoured Omar version is far superior. Watch the video and read the comments on a blog dedicated to the actress and Hollywood starlet. Just what the Doctor ordered, a feel good track to get me through another tough week at the office. :)

Next weekend, Saturday in fact is all about some pure BMW M3 Power. My friend Pav is getting his M3 chipped and I will meeting up with some of his petrol head friends over at G Force Motorsport. Should be an exciting day, if you can recall the experience in the 325 just a few weeks ago. I will be taking my trusty digital camera and recording as many highlights of the day as my compact flash media will allow.

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