Sunday 8th July 2007

A round-up post, to clear up a few things and mention briefly a few things that are on my mind. I will start with the concert, that I was attending just a week ago. Many people have been quite outspoken in their opinion that it was rubbish. I was horrified by some of the comments (mainly from television viewers) over at the News Blog. Why do people always have to bash these kinds of events, particularly if they were not there to truly appreciate the experience. Sure, the line up could have been slightly better but overall I really enjoyed the six-hour show and there were some wonderful performances. P. Diddy, in particular, stands out with a great performance. I received my DVDs of the concert (4 discs) from Hussein on Saturday morning. Fantastic! The quality is amazing, even though, the final few minutes of the show was missed. Never mind. I now have the task of trimming the clips down to individual songs/artist medleys, which is not going to be an easy task. A moment of celebration this week, as I uploaded my 2000th photo to FlickR. Unfortunately, it was not a photograph of note, it was just a photograph of Dave in his kitchen (which you can see from the previous entries). I am just amazed that I have been able to get so many photos online, having only joined the site in January 2006. Easily one of the best online purchases I have ever made and the site continues to improve and the people behind it keep adding additional functionality. I went to see a friend in Bexleyheath, Kent yesterday morning. I left Wycombe around 9.30am and headed anti-clockwise around the M25 (to avoid the £1 toll) and got to their house just before 11am. Just after 1pm, we headed to Bluewater. It was my first time to the shopping centre and it was absolutely amazing, I just wish I had had more time to spend there. After a quick bite to eat at TGI Friday’s we went to have a look around a few of the sports shops. Then we got some double chocolate muffins from Millie’s Cookies and headed back home. I left around 3.30pm and got home just before 5pm. The rest of my afternoon was spent watching Live Earth on BBC television. I could have gone but opted against it for a few reasons. Firstly cost, £55 a ticket, plus travel plus food. Secondly, I had already been there last weekend and even thought the set list was perhaps slightly better, preferred to watch on television. At least this way I could take in the other concerts around the world. I had pre-registered in April but when given the opportunity to buy a ticket, had poor seats in the stadium. My sister, Natalie offered me tickets through a friend but I once again declined. So, I missed Live 8 and Live Earth but I am not that concerned to be honest. Sure, it would have been great to attend either event and pledge my support to a great cause but being an armchair fan in some circumstances is not such a bad thing. Music wise, I have been listening to the Freemasons remix of Greenlight by Beyoncé constantly this week. It is yet another example of a remix out doing the original. The last time I mentioned this was in late December 2004 with Britney Spears’ Everytime. If you have not heard the song, tune into KISS or alternatively check out the video on YouTube. It is very infectious, believe me!

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