Saturday 9th July 2005

The weekend comes around again, but I’m taking the time to relax and have a break. Last weekend was hectic, even by my low social standards, so need to recuperate. My weekend beings the moment I walk through the door on Friday evening, around 6.30pm. I know I have tried recently to describe the feeling inside, but it difficult to put into words. A wait is lifted off your shoulders knowing the next two days are your own. I hate to admit this, but I have started to add Hollyoaks to my soap watching ‘must see’ list. I even have to tune into watch the following days episode on E4 at 7pm (I seriously think I have a problem). At 7.30pm, it was time for some music, so the surround sound volume goes up and we flip around from MTV all the way to Flaunt. I asked my sister for a pen and scribbled down some tracks on the back of an envelope. I was tuned into The Box (449) watching the latest music videos on First Play Friday. The highlight of the music week, this is the only place to see the new videos from the greatest artists and debut tracks. Those of you old enough to remember the 1997 one hit wonder by whitetown called Your Women, featuring a 1920 silent movie video, will perhaps be shocked to discover that it has already been covered. (There should be a ten year curfew on these things in my humble opinion) The man to attempt to rework this classic, is Tyler James. Rework is used as loosely as possible. All he seems to have done is increased the tempo of the backing track and jazzed it up a little. Never mind. I quickly switched over to TOTP to catch the second return of Craig David. The song was vintage CD, but I just feel his style is losing popularity, particularly with girls. Back to Sky, I continued music channel surfing, hoping to catch some more material that I would need to download later. I could the end of a song on Flaunt. The music sound familiar, for I remember hearing in the car last weekend, when tuned into Kiss 100. At the time, I had not been able to catch the name of the track or the artist. This time around I made no mistakes. Para Beats featuring Carmen Reece. Now, if you are going to be pop star, you need an exotic name like that. She could well be a movie star. 😉 What can I say about the song? It is something that you would listen to while driving in your car, on a bright sunny, summer day. The bass line and the vocal come together very well and I look forward to hearing more from this up and coming artist, hoping she does not disappear into the bargin single bin, like so many before her. The single was released in April, so I am surprised that it has taken me so long to discover the track. There was little media exposure, so perhaps the record label have tried to built up interest via this remix on the radio networks.

I have spent most of the afternoon and early evening downloading the best live performances from the Live8 concerts from around the world. A very nice man, from Canada has uploaded 90% of the songs from all shows to this following link. Surprising most of the videos downloading within a few minutes, I expected his server to have fallen over a few times by now. All the videos will be transfered for viewing in full surround sound glory on the XBox later this weekend. Enjoy!

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