Monday 11th July 2005

Felt like I had gone back 20 years when I stepped into the car this morning, to drive to work. While it was tempting to just put on a CD and reverse out of the drive, I opted to listen to the radio. I was greeted by a familiar rock n roll soundtrack and put the volume up… I mean up. An instant beam of a smile lit up my face, to reflect the bright blue skies way above. Everything is alright, I hear a voice whisper in my ear. Perhaps because when I am driving, I am concentrating on something else and the worries of life disappear, at least until I reach my destination. For a split second I felt like Michael J. Fox, though I was not in a black 1985 Toyota Pickup, but a silver Peugeot 307. But with Huey Lewis & The News were trying to explain to me that it takes more than a credit card to take the strain, I was beginning to realise the true, ‘Power of Love’.

Last night, I decided to sit down and watch a movie for a change. Sunday nights are a mixed bag for me usually, rarely given the chance to sit down and relax. The day had been spent polishing the interior of the car and giving it a thorough clean inside. My next job was mow the lawn, in careful preparation for next week. The gardens (front and rear) looked untidy, if nothing else. A further few weeks of neglect and a jungle would appear, meaning a struggle for our twenty year old Flymo. Making the right decision, I quickly cut the grass this afternoon, taking a little over an out to do both gardens, which relatively speaking are quite small. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass on a summer afternoon, as you drink ice cold Coke, carefully surveying your work. Proud, of my small weekend task I headed into the house, and spent the rest of the afternoon online.

Whenever I am online, I open up the Radio Times TV schedule to find out what is on now and very soon. On Sunday, I noted that the film, Blast from the Past was on Channel 4 at 10pm. Instantly, I remember the DVD cover with the two leading names in a warm embrace. Yet, to date, I had not seen the movie. In the lounge, I was channel surfing (yes I must be very annoying to live with) and noted there was nothing really on television. Channel 4 was over running with their coverage of some reality show, you may have heard of it. On Sky Movies 8, there was yet another teen movie that I had not seen, staring one my favourite musical artists. Murdoch, by tradition is prompt, so the movie started at 10pm sharp, while Channel 4 was still airing commercials. I watched the opening, with the geeky outsider, making a fool of himself, while having delusions of grandeur. Now I had a very difficult decision to make, do I stay in the living room and watch Cannon with Milian. Or do I retire to my room to watch Fraser and Silverstone? With their arrival my family made the decision for me, and I headed for my room, crashing out on the bed and watching the rest of the movie. It was nothing more or less than I expected, a simple, if somewhat outrageous. Having read all the reviews and comments on IMDB I had pretty up made up my mind that this film was watchable on pure entertainment value alone, I did not have high hopes for anything beyond that. The perfect way to end, a relaxing weekend. Even if the news was not quite what I was looking for.

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