Saturday 13th March 2004

We place our happiness in other people’s hands. I am a strong believer in this prophecy. There is some amazing joy in making someone else happy. But when someone else makes you happy, that is a feeling on another level. A feeling that is unlike another other I have felt. I feel invincible, unbreakable and may I be bold enough to immortal? Maybe that is taking it too far? But I do feel like I could jump up and touch the sky. I do not really know what has made me feel the way I do right now. You will have noticed that my blog has at times been quite negative and pondered upon ‘dark days’ in recent entries. This is because I have felt that recently, I have been losing a few battles on a few fronts.

That is not to say, that I’ve won, or for that matter been beaten. It is just a feeling of sheer joy and happiness before the final push?

It is mid March and the time is flying by. I’m not sure why this final year at University appears to heading uncontrollably to a end. An event this week, brought everything into perspective. My graduation ceremony details. This is a day I’ve been waiting for some twenty three years of my life. I know, for other people in my life have been waiting for it, for much longer. Particularly those in a country far far away. Enjoying a victory against the old enemy this morning, which I know (having spoken to my cousin!) they relished more than life itself.

I appear to be in a period in my life when nothing can go wrong? Or is this just a false sense of security I find myself in? Arsenal proving themselves to be nvincible and pushing for the title, Champions League and of course FA Cup. Read the latest from Arse Blog, with an intriguing look at our last semi-final clash with Manchester United, five years ago.

Has the fool become a hero..?

I’m caught in a crowd, I’m stuck in the ground
But I just keep moving around
I can turn almost anything bad into something good
If we all stand up when the going gets rough
And baby we hold out for better things
Then we all can be the ones who shine on
Everybody knows that

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