Pearson, Specter & Litt?

Never underestimate the power of television to change your mind. Characters you actually hate, can turn within the course of a television season (or in the case of Suits, half season – a mere ten episodes) to the point you warm to them and perhaps even have great affection for. In case of Louis Litt, he was always the comic relief, the clown of the piece if you will. Something I referred to, in my first post on this gripping television drama. However, while at times I have watched the television and squirmed as he takes yet another mud bath the writing has been perfect on so many levels. The duels with his English counterpart from Darby International, Nigel Nesbitt (played with such gusto by Adam Godley), where you see Louis at times at his most vulnerable but somehow still being able to recover. At times I have even felt pity for the guy, particularly when he had a cake baked (or had he baked himself) to present to Mike only to throw it in the bin minutes later as Mike returns to Harvey’s bosom.

Louis Litt File Photo

The mid season finale aired on Tuesday night (last night) and while my dearest wife Michelle may not have found it riveting, I loved every minute. The reason I find this show so compelling is the the realism of life as a corporate lawyer. While I have been lucky to been able to be part of this world at close quarters albeit in a limited support role, I found the cut and thrust life at the top fascinating. Probably not since Greek have I enjoyed a show as much as this. However, with the college drama, I was perhaps ten years too old to be enjoying the life of girls and boys in their individual frat houses. What can I say, I just want to stay forever young.

In the past I was not very fussy about the television shows I watched. I had the luxury of several hours in the evening to watch two soaps plus three episodes of my US TV imports before finally catching a glimpse of Newsnight and going to bed. Oh how different the life of a bachelor is! Now, several years later, being married and being an avid gym bunny, the number of hours available in an evening are condensed. I am sometimes lucky to have ninety minutes before hitting bed. Plus there are additional distractions of my Nexus 7 or the laptop. Being selective on television shows we watch in the week, means we pick quality over quantity and give new television shows an opportunity of two episodes to impress before abandoning. A case in point is on girly Freeview channel, Really the medical drama Emily Owens MD. With the star power of Meryl Streep’s daughter you would think it was a unquestionable hit but it was cancelled after one season. Nevertheless, we gave the first episode a go one Sunday afternoon but did not find any of the characters or the writing worth the effort. The main cast even featured Greek alumni Michael Radly but even that could not save this ship. Plus you have to factor in my squeamish nature with regards to any medical shows. I do not watch Casualty or Holby City, since my sister Samantha is a number one fan of both BBC dramas (or are they soaps?). Blood is fine but the other gory parts I cannot stomach.

Normally I would be extremely disheartened by the fact that my favourite television show is now off the air for over three months and not returning until 2014. However we have plenty of new shows arriving from across the pond and the return of some old favourites to keep us entertained all the way to Christmas and the New Year. Back in May, The Guardian posted this article with previews for the up coming Fall Season. September is my favourite month of the year. As a boy, I was strange and actually liked the idea of going back to school and seeing my friends again and getting into the grind of things. Most of my peers wanted the Summer to last forever. Nothing ever does, not even your favourite television show.

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