Who’s That Girl?

Series Three of Suits started over six weeks ago and every minute has been gripping. Although the humour too, has hit completely new (and unexpected) levels. It is too early to perhaps judge, only seven episodes in, but I believe it is as good as Series Two (perhaps even better). Watching the episode which aired Stateside on Tuesday night (27th August) with my dearest wife this evening, I noticed an extra playing an associate and just want to know who she is. Without revealing too much of the plot away, she features in the mock trial (observing rather than playing an active role) but then later is seen talking to Mike outside Harvey’s office. Before Donna bumps into them.

A big group of my friends watch the show and I have successfully converted at least two of my new colleagues in the office onto the show, so hopefully in a combined effort we can identify this young lady. Do not read too much into the title of the episode though – She’s Mine.

Mystery AssociateMystery Associate, Mike Ross & Donna

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