Friday Review

Many many years ago, Friday would be my day to reflect on the week gone by and preview my maneuvers for the weekend. Unfortunately the reality of my hectic modern life, is I rarely find the time to blog, let alone review my week past and weekend present. Last Friday evening, while watching the appalling It’s A Wonderful Afterlife we had a power cut. It was around 9:15pm and we were only thirty odd minutes into this poor excuse for a comedy. Perhaps it was an act of God warning us to give up on watching this atrocious film. Michelle decided to go to bed, but after checking the Scottish & Southern Electric website (via my mobile) to confirm power cut across SL1 postcode area, I decided to wait for the power to return. It was going to be an hour or so. The power did come back around 10:30pm but went off twice again before finally returning for good around 11:30pm, over two hours after the initial outage.

This rare event got me thinking about how much as a modern society we rely on electricity. Coincidentally, Channel 4 had screen Blackout just a few days earlier, although I had not seen any of the episodes. In India the electric goes out as a matter of course, every day, if not every few hours. People get used to either having a generator or putting up with this reality. We in the West take these things for granted and like everything only appreciate when they are gone.

How was your week? My week was good, work was challenging but I made some positive achievements which led to a smooth delivery of reporting today. I had the luxury of being able to leave at 5pm sharp for the first time, perhaps since my first working week in late July. A great feeling considering I had stayed until 7pm the previous two Friday nights and other nights earlier in the week. Having a gym on site makes going for training beyond excusable, to the point I have blanked out gym sessions in my diary for three evenings a week between 5:30pm until 7pm. My colleagues, Jat and Robin are keen to get me back in the Les Mills Body Pump class on a Tuesday night, which leaves Friday as my only non-gym day. We did attend two to three sessions on the bounce in late July and early August but soon gave up once one of us were away on holiday or sick or with the feeble excuse of forgetting their kit. I try to get to the gym on a Sunday but even in the weekday evenings, the place is practically dead with just a handful of regular users. You never have to wait for equipment, even though this is hardly the most equipped fitness centre. There are four treadmills, three bikes, three rowing machines, three cross trainers and two stepping machines. Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining – my new gym here is completely free!

An extremely busy weekend ahead. Off to lunch tomorrow in Central London, a bit of shopping followed by the movie RUSH. Unfortunately it is not playing at any of the Odeon cinemas in the West End, so we will have to venture a little further afield. When we went to watch We’re The Millers on Saturday 25th August at Odeon Uxbridge, we were given some 2 For 1 vouchers, which are valid from today until 17th October. I saw the trailer for Rush a few weeks ago at my parents place. On their plasma television they have an app for CineTrailer. I thought I might ask Pav if he wanted to watch the movie, but Michelle had seen the trailer herself recently after going to the movies with her girlfriends last weekend and wanted to see it also. Date night done! I am going to try and record a hashtag on Twitter, so I can easily look back at all the times I ventured to the cinema. Generally in the past, I would look to my blog and perhaps Facebook as a secondary data source, to jog my memory. I have decided upon #cinematrip is what I will use and I wonder how successful it will be. With GPS enabled on my smartphone, all updates to social networks will record the cinema chain and location I visited. Time will tell.

Sunday I am going to hit the gym hard and then visit my family and newly arrived niece, Sienna. After a difficult first half to the year, purely from a work perspective, I am feel unburden to say LG. Life’s Good. I just hope I can do my best to keep it that way.

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