Friday 21st January 2005

Bored of all listening to the same CDs in the car on my journey to work, it was time for a change. Mainly because about 4 songs, appeared across 3 of the CDs. Having only a 5 disc CD changer does limit the choice, when you have been used the unlimited supply of the MP3 CD. As I pulled up onto my drive on Wednesday evening, I took the executive decision. Ejecting all discs from the in car audio entertainment system, I quickly placed them in my CD carry case. The plan was to burn a new album. But did I get around to it? No, of course not. To be honest, my current collection is looking quite tired, with none of the fresh material, I had hoped to acquire. To this day, there are a group of tracks I listen to on a regular basis. The proof is always in the data collection. Avoiding radio, particularly commercial variety throughout the week, goes not give me the opportunity to hear new up and coming artists. Even my viewing of music television is down. More on that later. Getting into my car on Thursday morning, I looked into my Case Logic 64 CD case to hunt for a music for the short journey to work. Mix 107 filled a small hole, while my chosen disc was loaded. I thought it important to catch up with the latest traffic news in the process. Startled to discover that my entire stretch to the office was busy, my mind raced to find an alternative route. Taking a risk and seeing very few vehicles on the road, I used my usual standard route, knowing that the alternative would add minutes onto my arrival time, which was not acceptable. Had my ears been deceiving me? The roads were clear and I got to the office in good time. Proof that local radio can not always be as accurate as they would make you believe! The disc I had chosen was labeled, ‘American Home’ which gave me rough guess at a creation date of around Spring 2003. I knew two of the songs that would feature, would be by Madonna and Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony. The remaining eight tracks (yes, I know wasteful use of an eighty minute disc). Switching over to track four I was greeted with an moving instrumental intro, the perfect song for the perfect moment? Maybe. The song kicked in, just I headed into the picturesque part of my journey, crossing into the Royal country just as I cross over the River Thames. Had I finally made that big leap and could finally stop wondering why? Another bundle of random acts, history seems to have a habit of repeating itself.

This is turning out to be a weekend, sponsored by the Microsoft console. I will have to be careful of how I phrase the rest of this paragraph for sure. Mr. Gates’ lawyers are very expensive. Just look back at this feeble story from exactly a year ago. I received an interesting invitation in the post yesterday, in the now brand trademark green and black. Wondering what it was all about, I I opened to discover a final push by the marketing men, well in the UK at least. The Italian car manufacture has come on board to create limited edition, XBox cars. Seems like just another run of the mill gimmick by the PR men, with little being added in the name of small production batch, apart from the odd local plastered onto the dash and rear body panel. Although both models look impressive at first glance, looking beyond the image you find very little substance. Come on Microsoft, is this truly upgraded spec? Hopefully more will be revealed this weekend at the official launch. Am I just being cynical, or is this a way to shift a few more Puntos and Stilos off the forecourt with the temptation of a free console? As it would transpire, I am picking up some XBox titles this Saturday from a friend. This source will remain anonymous, but a full round of the games, reviews, screen shots will follow shortly. Plus I have the added bonus of the full Sony Surround Sound Home Cinema system, to literally blow me away! If only I can get my hands on the TV this weekend. 🙂

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