Sunday 16th January 2005

p>Went to the optician yesterday for my annual eye test. Although it had actually been 23 months to the day exactly since my last checkup. I have been seen by the same optician since the need to wear spectacles came about, aged 13. My high street optician of choice, is based more on past family ties than anything else. That having been said, I have been more than satisfied with the level of service I have received. Thankfully my eyesight has not got any worse, and is very much stable at it’s current level. I am short sighted, so cannot make out text at large distances. Therefore, wearing my glasses has now become part of the daily routine. Even if for it was not until I started college that I actually started wearing them regularly. At school, I never had the confidence to wear them. Then in the late 1990s, wearing glasses suddenly became cool. Particularly with a host of celebrities making glasses hip again, then more recently we see a hero, with four eyes.

Not sure about how important your personal IT skills are in your household and how well respected you are as an expert. Although working in the industry, studied the subject at University and even grown up with these beasts for the past thirteen years. I really related to this article on the BBC News Magazine. If only I was working as a consultant, I could easily have retired by now. Okay, then again, maybe not.

Finally got around to updating my Audio page. It has been over five months since I last added the latest tracks in my collection, which is now nearing the magic 3000 mark. I still refer to our current decade as the noughties, although Diamond Geezer, appears to question if a final decision has been made on the title for this musical era, which still has another five years to run. You would assume that fives years in, some word would have generally been accepted. Turning to musical events more closer to home, the 1000th number one has gone to Elvis. I am not a big fan of the King of Rock n Roll, as even the title can be disputed. I like some of his songs, “Always on my Mind” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love” being two exceptional favourites. In what can only be described as a shameless marketing ploy all 18 of his UK number one hits are being released over the coming 18 weeks, until sometime in April. I would have preferred to see, previously unreleased or rare material to be issued. It is my understanding that Presley recorded over 400 songs in his short life and has a major back catalogue, but most people are only aware of the big hits. My sister, Samantha is a big fan of the King. Not sure how it came about, but several years ago, just before Christmas, my sister was engaged watching an Elvis movie on television. The rest of the family wanted to watch something else, but she would not let popular opinion and potential revolt in the living room to change her mind. Later, we would discover, Elvis lights (well small bulbs with young images of Elvis as the lamp shade in her room. Then, the odd framed photograph and of course the albums, Number One, released a few years ago. Strange because my sister tends to have a very contemporary taste in music, bouncing along to her RnB and Hip Hop. I was listening to discussion on this topic on Five Live one evening over the Christmas break. A fan from across the pond was trying to explain to the panel of guests that before Elvis, there was nothing on the radio, and his sound, persona and charismatic image fueled a fresh interest in popular music. He may not have invented rock and roll but he did bring it too the masses, in a way like no other. Just thinking about one man’s impact in this way is astounding. Listening to Tommy Boyd on Southern Counties last night, there are several possible reasons to question the religious reverence he is held by the fans. Amazing how such a stance on a world renowned figure can bring out the worst in human nature. Fans, after all are willing to fight tooth and nail in support of their idol.

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