Friday 20th February 2004

This brings back memories. Friday night, the one time I would get a chance to log onto my own PC. This was again during my time on placement. After a heavy week at work, I would finally get a chance to reflect, contemplate and resolve all the thoughts of the week. Eastenders would end at 8.30pm and I would rush onto my PC to update my blog. I enjoyed that moment of the week. It contrasted sharply with the Monday Morning blues. That was a time when I could not Monday Morning Proof myself.

The annual Brit Awards was shown, as ‘live’ on ITV on Tuesday evening. This is the only awards show that I have watched, with almost a religiously following. It also happens to be the only show now that I watch with my Dad. Of course, last year was the first time I watched it with him since 2000. Of all the awards ceremonies, this is one that I could never get tired of. Mainly because it always seems to reflect truly the state of the music industry. I would go into depth reviewing the awards and the show itself, hosted by Cat Deeley. However, there is no need when Pop Justice, have done such a brilliant job.

Not much else to report at the moment, as week 4 of the second-semester rolls on by. My project continues to get more urgent as time passes by. At least this weekend I can make some good progress on it. Also, assignments are beginning to kick it too. I receive my last piece of coursework a week today.

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