Friday 6th October 2006

Friday is here but there is not much to look forward to away from the television. The whole weekend in fact, with international European Championship qualifying matches and the return of a forgotten hero. Rather an empty weekend, but I do not mind. It makes the hectic weekends worth waiting for, three weekends and counting! […]

Saturday 23rd September 2006

Felt like I was stuck in the working week for an age, as the days seemed to drift into each other. Glad the weekend has finally arrived, although now that I am here my plans seem to have fallen apart. Hold on a second, that does sound rather over dramatic. Due to circumstances beyond my […]

Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Some blogs get blog rolled instantly, no need for lousy introductions, particularly if the author is a World Record Holder. GeoffTech is such a golden example. More to come on this later. Mighty Mouse mentioned a new bookmark sharing service under the amusing name of (Can you see what it is yet?). I have […]

Tuesday 13th September 2005

Where were you at 18:56 this evening? Perhaps doing something useful, like driving around your local town looking for a petrol station with juice. Well, while I do not doubt your intentions, you missed a defining moment. Finally, after only following the brief period, I have been crowned, somewhat dubiously (I agree) as the biggest […]

Friday 9th September 2005

Is it Friday already? The week has flown by and I have been rather busy. This blog has become neglected (as my dearest friend, Sippy has noticed). Therefore, I am hoping that this weekend, I can spent some time to put that right. I have to admit that over the past few days I have […]

Wednesday 1st December 2004

In an ideal world, I would have started writing a blog/journal/online diary much earlier in life. Thinking about it consciously the best moment would have been the summer of 1999. So much was going on in my life. I had just finished my first year at college, had made a whole new group of friends. […]